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A Whole Lot Of Sleepin’ Going On

Posted on February 12, 2008

Earlier this morning, one half of the band Chimaira touched down at Heathrow airport near London (vocalist Mark Hunter, guitarist Rob Arnold, and bassist Jim LaMarca). Their mission: along with Colin Richardson, to mix the upcoming The Impossibility Of Reason album. Tomorrow (Feb 8), after a one night stay in London, the three will head to the town of Lincolnshire, where Colin conducts his business. So, following a quick check in at their hotel (well, maybe not too quick, Marks tells us it took 15 minutes to figure out how to flush the toilet), the three lads joined us here in the Roadrunner UK office. After meeting all the staff (grand total: 7), getting food, and pilfering the office for promo items and CDs (not necessarily in that order), the guys hooked up online via the very computer I’m typing on for a quick chat with Chris from our New York office. Roadrunner: Most memorable moment from the flight? Jim (with a grin): The flight attendants…they were pretty cute. note: they flew United Airlines Roadrunner: What was the first thing a local told you that you could not understand? not surprisingly, apparently it was the first person they spoke with… Mark: When we got off the plane trying to find the subway (He means the Tube, folks) we couldn’t understand the guy we asked for directions…so he ended up saying ‘just follow me.’ Roadrunner: What’s the weather situation? No need to answer if going to say ‘dreary and rainy.’ Mark: It’s warmer than Cleveland right now – about 30 degrees warmer. Roadrunner: First meal whilst in town? No need to answer if going to say ‘fish & chips.’ Mark: We had Greek food. Roadrunner: When do you start making the trip to Lincolnshire? Mark: Tomorrow at 2:00. Plans to spend the afternoon taking in the sights of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Tower Records Piccadilly have been scrapped in favour of sleeping back at the hotel… the previously energetic Chimaira dudes are fading fast. Call from Mark 15 mins later from hotel: I’m all ready for bed. But call me later before you leave to come over here. I’ll make sure I’m up and dressed. Er, you might need to call a couple times… A night on the town with Roadrunner UK to look forward to then. While they sleep, we’re belting out the new Chimaira tunes they left us with… m/(–)m/


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