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13 Questions With Rayna

Posted on February 12, 2008

As for Rayna, all bass tracks have been completed, and she is back home in Atlanta. Hey, FYI, whether you are aware or not, you will be now – www.CoalChamber.com has a new look…check it out…a very cool, basic site for y’all until a completely new site is built…new message board and a news section which promises to hold candid and timely updates from the band. And now, we leave you with some words from Rayna. Making the most of her time off from recording, she has taken the time to answer some of your questions. Here we go: 1 – what is the most memorable concert you have played and why? see ya in reno! piece…………..not peace -Xplicitlyryx Rayna – We’ve had some great one’s in Chicago, but I’ll never forget the one where Meeg’s fell off the stage in Cincinatti. Sorry Guys, but it was pretty funny. 2 – what are your favorite movies? -sickness87 Rayna – Sesame Street, Barney and Friends? No, I just saw Pay it Forward last night, it was pretty cool.American Beauty, Erin Brockovich, that’s all I can think of right now. 3 – when you go back out on tour, do you have any plans on touring with sevendust, or do you and morgan still have your differences? it would be great to see you two tour together again, the vibe is just right. love from the cat -tracycat antrim Rayna – Actually , Morgan and I have toured together several times, on both records, and no, We do not(nor have we ever) had any differences , And yes we could possibly tour together in the future. 4 – I have always considered Coal Chamber as an innovative and unique metal band. Many spin-offs have spawned since your first album that are reflective of your style. Before the ever expanding labeled genre of “Nu-metal” was a house hold name, Coal Chamber was shaking and changing the music scene. Where do you see the future of Coal Chamber with Dark Days? Will it be a intentional progressive change from what we have seen in the past or, will it be more of a continuation from your previous material? Brandon J – N. Carolina Rayna – We are coming out with a much heavier, more driving record this time. This record is a direct reflection of the Coal Chamber sound that we’ve paved from the anger and aggression of “loco” to the heavy emotions and frustration of dark days. As we’ve always done in the past, we plan to bring everything we’ve felt while writing this record to the stage for our fans to experience with us. 5 – How does rayna feel about being such a beautiful role model to billions of people, and what hair products does she use? -mindvoice Rayna – …billions? If I can inspire one person, it makes everything all the more worth while. hair products? I chopped off all of my hair last summer—Aveda shampoo and conditioner, Rusk wired gel-sometimes. 6 – what is your favorite song on the new album and why? -Marlon S Rayna – As of right now, with only drums and bass being fully done, I like the title track “dark days”, but that could easily change when I hear the finished product. 7 – Q:Coal Chamber reflects various amounts of strong messages and feelings on each of their records, and i was just wondering: What did the band try to project on this new record and how it is influenced by the lives you choose to live by today? -ILIARYS Rayna – 777…This record is definitely influenced by all of the emotions and turmoil the band has encountered over the past few years. Not only our own personal conflicts, but also a lot external “losses of trust” and let downs we’ve lived thru and learned from. Today we’ve grown stronger as people and wiser as a band. 8 – First let me say that coal chamber has been a huge influence on me in my life and music with drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Thanks. Anyways, With the new album in the making, do you have a message on this one? Thanks. -Franky from Sonora Rayna – What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. 9 – Hey Guys, I have been a fan since my friend from Cali sent me your demo tape about 5 years ago,i believe. Since I heard it you were automatically my favorite band. You have helped me through alot, well your music and the way you treat your fans and what you say in your interviews. You have literally saved my life cause I put in your cd instead of killing myself 3 times. Going to your concerts makes me so happy, I have cried each time I’ve went cause I was so happy to be close to you. I consider myself a devout fan. I own every poster I can find, including imports, same with cd’s and t-shirts.I also tell everyone I meet about you and how much I love your music. I know you have a fairly large fanbase and I know there are many other fans out there like me. What is your reaction to the way the fans respond to you and your music???? And Rayna you’re beautiful. I love you!! Keep making wonderful music! Love, Jenny M Rayna – Our live show is everything, without the fans, there would be no show, no music, no reason for Coal Chamber to exist-We love our fans- Thank You! 10 – Hey! I saw you guys perform in Syracuse, NY at the Lost Horizon on June 15, 2000–I think Meegs actually got hurt 🙁 , but I just wanted to know if you’re going to play any smaller, or at least small town, venues in upstate New York anytime soon, because I cannot wait to see you guys again and it seems that when bands come to New York they only go to NYC or Buffalo! 🙁 Don’t forget the upstate fans in between! And, Rayna I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to girls everywhere. You’re my “super hero.” You’re everything I hope to someday be and more! Congrats on Kayla! Thanx bunches for the great music and keep up all the hard work, you’re fans truly appreciate it! Love ya always, June D Rayna – Thanks June, We’re hoping to do a pre-Dark Days release tour, but at the present time nothing is confirmed. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. 11 – Hey guys, I’ve seen you a couple times in Toronto (first when you were with Machine Head & Slipknot, second when you were with Type O Negative). Anways my first question is what do you think of the Canadian fans? Alot of bands seem to fail to come to Canada on their tours or only come to a couple cities. How do we fair concert wise? And which fans are the craziest (around the world)? Thanx Tanzlee Rayna – We’ve had some great shows in Canada, Toronto is a great city. Unfortunatly , we don’t book our own tours or decide in which cities we play, but we do love our Canadian fans.Ther’re very nice and they don’t throw things at us.There’s crazy Chamber fans everywhere. 12 – You guys are the best. I have almost every poster or pic that i can find of you guys!! And Id like to say that Rayna is one of my bigest influences which wanted me to start playing bass more and try to better considering you dont see many girls in Goth bands that play Bass!!! (Bass Players ROCK) Well anyways My question was what made you guys start this band like what, and whos idea was it to get coal chamber together. Also how did all of you guys meet? Well I really cant wait till you guys go on tour!! And If you could tell Rayna that she has inspired me to go on at 15 and try to be a better bass player even though I am a gurl and guys reject me cause i can play better than them! he he!! You guys Are like Gods to me! And no matter what anybody says to me You guys are the best band in the whole WORLD!! – Andrea T Rayna – Dez and Meegs meet through ads and were playing with a different drummer and bass player in a band called She’s in Pain for a very short while. I guess it wasn’t working out with the bass player and Dez and I were friends, so he hooked me up with Meegs and everything clicked, Mikey joined shortly thereafter and we became Coal Chamber. 13 – First of all i would like to say that i have been a big fan for years, and u guys kick ass live. ive met all of u except rayna (unfortunatly) and u guys are so down to earth and sweet, and really seem to love what u do. My question is for rayna, being that your the only girl in the band, and at one time was the only girl at ozzfest, not to mention probably the only girl on most of the tours being as most bands are mainly men, does it ever get to u? im sure all of the guys are nice and great, but it seems like it could get a little frustrating. does it affect u at all? thanks, cant wait to see u guys in chicago again! -kristy Rayna – It’s not really the guys that’s frustrating, everyone in my band is respectful and we pretty much mind our own space. The hard part is being separated from my family, that gets to you.


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