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Posted on October 24, 2011

Jeremy DePoyster of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA spoke to Lithium Magazine about the new album Dead Throne, amongst other things, and you can see an extract of that interview below:

Mike: You just mentioned touring your recent release – Dead Throne, your fourth studio effort. Did you approach this album any differently than your past efforts?

Jeremy: I would say we approached it extremely different, in every kind of way. We’ve always just kind of roughed it out when it came to writing new material, just at people’s houses or we’d rent space in Ohio when we all lived there. This time we set aside a six week block in Kansas and another four week block in Chicago, in between our different tours to really focus on the writing. We wanted to go in to this album super prepared. Some of the songs were things that Chris had written on his laptop over the past year of touring. We took a lot of that stuff and gave it a band-twist, and then wrote some other songs just as a band in the rehearsal studios. And by the time we got to the studio we had all of these songs that we thought were all finished demos. And Adam (Dutkiewicz) ripped those demos all apart and really made some working songs out of a lot of them. This was something we’ve never had before. We tend to go into record with what we think is almost the final product, and Adam kind of ripped our final product apart and made it way better, so it was kind of cool.

Mike: He’s quite a musician. I think he hears things differently than a lot of other producers would. I was kind of curios to hear what you think he helped bring out of the Devil Wears Prada with this fourth album?

Jeremy: It was insane, you know? I think that he managed to bring who we wanted to be as a band, rather than just who we were at the time, which was a cool thing to experience.

Mike: You get to do the quote unquote ‘clean singing’ on TDWP material, correct?


Jeremy: Yes, that’s me.

Mike: Has this always been the way?

Jeremy: Um, yes. I think that when I joined the band they were starting to split the duties up between a few of the other guys. When I joined the band, we were all like kids playing in a basement. I think I was eighteen and the oldest member at the time was twenty. I had been in another band before around town; we all had. I joined playing guitar and I brought Andy with me because he was a friend and could play bass. And they found some demos of this other band that I was in after a while and were surprised that I could sing. This quickly turned into, “You SHOULD sing,” and it kind of went from there.

Mike: There is a track on Dead Throne called ‘Constance’ that features Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying. How did you get him involved on this new album?

Jeremy: We’ve known those guys for years now. We haven’t done any real tours with them. Not to say Warped isn’t a real tour, but it’s kind of a rolling festival. We did Warped with them and kind of hit it off with those guys. We had like a Bible study at different times together. Tim has always been a really rad dude and has been a real inspiration to us over the years. We had a couple of ideas for people that we wanted to sing on the record and Tim was always the first choice on the list. Mike hit him up, and he was going through this whole process of trying to adopt a baby with his wife and he wasn’t sure if he was going to have the time to do it. We all felt that if there was a reason to not have time, that’s about as good as it can get, right? So we weren’t sure if he’d be able to fit it in, and we had Mike record it just as a back-up. Then I got married in May, and we were all at the wedding house and an email came in saying we should listen to this version of ‘Constance’ and it had Tim singing over our music and we all couldn’t believe how amazing it sounded. It was pretty cool.

You can read the full interview by clicking this link
and pick up a copy of Dead Throne over at this location.


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