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Posted on February 7, 2009

On FEBRUARY 23rd sees LAMB OF GOD release their brand new album WRATH. METAL HAMMER today released their new issue of the mag and within it’s glassy pages is a KILLER 4 page interview with Randy (vocals) and Chris (drums). Pick up the mag to read the lowdown!!

Also in there is the first review of the album. Check it out…

To use a sporting term, Lamb of God currently stand undefeated. Since the release of 2000’s face-melting New American Gospel, these Virginian metallers are yet to release a record that hasn’t hit home with all of the subtlety of a hydrogen bomb. Churning out record after incredible record, LOG haven’t elevated themselves into metal’s elite by kissing ass, relying on cheap fashion gimmicks or clinging to any sort of scene; this band has deservedly grown in credibility, reputation and popularity based on first class, no-frills metal alone. It’s one hell of an achievement then that, even when you consider all of this praise for the band’s back catalogue, Wrath still manages to astound in its brilliance. Put simply, if you’re holding this magazine in your hands then you need to hear this album like you need the oxygen that you’re currently inhaling.

With the band having nothing but success both commercially and critically up to this point, there was never a need for these pure American metal lords to re-invent the wheel with Wrath, and thankfully they haven’t. In Your Words is classic LOG with fascinating turns of pace, dynamic bounce and white-hot riffing in abundance, Broken Hands has the kind of bludgeoning fret work that could bring skyscrapers crumbling to the ground and Contractor is so good that it lays a claim to being the 21st-century’s Fucking Hostile. Seriously, it’s that good. A special word of mention should also go to frontman Randy Blythe, who achieves his finest vocal delivery to date. His snarling flow is devastating throughout and his ability to provide massive hooks without the slightest hint of melodic singing should not be taken lightly at all.

If there is something that feels a little different about Wrath, it’s that this is the first album that LOG have put their name on that feels ‘classic’. Much the same way as you felt the first time you heard Machine Head’s The Blackening, Wrath just has that extra something that feels like this is going to smash the floodgates open and be a huge turning point in this band’s career. The quintet’s seemingly effortless ability to combine savage riffs with neck-snapping groove reaches dizzy new heights on the likes of Grace and Dead Seeds and, while it may well fan the flames of those who suggest the band are Pantera clones, it’s worth considering that these comparisons only exist because LOG are the one band in metal today worthy of picking up the baton that the band left behind when they disbanded.
We may only be in the second month of 2009 but it will take a monolithic effort for any band within our stratosphere to release a finer record than Wrath in the year’s remaining months. Stunning in just about every aspect, Wrath not only states a case to be the greatest album of this phenomenal band’s career but to also stand as one of the very best metal releases of this decade. Guaran-fucking-teed.


TERRY BEZER – Metal Hammer, Issue dated March 2009, pages 84-85″

Pre-order the album AT THIS LOCATION.




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