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Dana Dentata


Posted on August 14, 2008

Speaking from experience, band tour blogs are never that prolific, and whilst DRAGONFORCE have now been on the Mayhem tour a few weeks now, we were still taken aback by the frankly BRILLIANT and lo-hoooooong update our fave Frenchman Fred (bass) delivered to us. Sit back and enjoy (whilst remembering the guys release new abum ULTRA BEATDOWN on August 25th…!)

Hi people!!

I am actually in my bed, in the bus ( my girlfriend calls it “ a kennel” I call it “ a sarcophagus”! anyway, American tourbuses are way more comfortable than European tourbuses, believe me! 😉 we’re heading to…euhh…humm…
I’ll remember later…
It’s just that we already did a lot of gigs since we arrived in the US…Let me tell you more about it…
(That’s a brilliant introduction, I’m very proud of myself!)

We arrived at Portland’s airport, a sunny Saturday in July, with a huge jetlag, so this means we didn’t see anything on the first day, nothing to do, apart SLEEPING!
Or at least try to sleep, or try to find something healthy to eat and try to stay awaken at least until midnight to adapt to the US rhythm.
And wake up at 4am!
The two first days are dedicated to pre-production: the technical crew is installing the gear, testing everything, playing with their new gadgets! Then we rehearse, we try to remember our songs, we make mistakes, we laugh a lot, there’s really a good atmosphere I keep a very emotional souvenir of this moment…yeah, I mean, it was fun! 😉

D-day is finally there, our fist gig in the past 7 months, in Portland! The supporting band is Powerglove, they play metal video games cover, they even have on stage a pasteboard replica of a carnivorous plant escaped from the Super Mario Bros game! Excellent! As for us, well, a fist gig is a first gig! A few mess-ups, of course, but we manage pretty well, and the crowd wants some more so it’s a good sign!
After the gig we sign some autographs, drink some beers, and we’re heading to Seatlle for the Myspace Secret Show!

Ahhh Seattle, the fish market, the grunge, the rain, Grey’s Anatomy… I won’t see any of this unfortunately! When you’re on tour, you don’t have the time or courage to go visiting. (I say “you” cause it’s not just me) Moreover, the weather is good, and when you talk about grunge to people in Seattle, they act as if they’ve never heard of this before!
Anyway, this Myspace secret show was not a secret anymore, and there were a lot of people for this very rough gig, with amps whistling, people flying and headbanging!
It’s really hot in this small club, but personally, that’s the kind of gigs I love the most! (Except two pylons in the middle of the stage, but that was not a big deal, let’s not make a fuss about it!)

We then had two days off in the north of Seattle, in a hotel with swimming pool, perfect to sunbathe and relax a little before THE ROCKSTAR MAYHEM FESTIVAL!!!

Day 1:
We arrive at the Amphiteater, in Auburn, (near Seattle, can’t you follow my story?!!) with a very weird feeling of “d


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