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Dana Dentata

What Comes Around Video Shoot

Posted on February 12, 2008

This past Friday (Feb 8), Ill Nino shot their first ‘super pro’ video, as percussionist Roger Vasquez called it. The video was for the track “What Comes Around”, and it was shot 45 minutes outside of L.A., in the desert plains of Vasquez Rocks – yes, the same as Roger’s last name. Vasquez Rocks also happens to be the same locale where some Star Trek scenes were shot. And the same spot where “The Flintstones” movie was shot. It’s true. But we digress… Directed by Marcos Siega (previous works include videos from System Of A Down, Weezer, Papa Roach), Ill Nino arrived in Cali the Thursday afternoon before the shoot, spending the night hangin’ with Marcus – gettin’ into each others’ heads, vibin’, n ‘at. What is the premise behind the video? Well, besides for the fact it was shot on a desert outside of L.A., we’re not going to learn much more at this moment. “I don’t want to get too into it and give it away, but you guys will be seeing it very soon,” tells Roger. What was the video shoot like? Well, it started at 10am and wrapped up at 10pm. Roger explains “it was hard work, but good hard work. Nothing crazy happened, just an all around great time.” Accordingly, instead of the usual story which would be told by Roger Vasquez right about now, we shall simply be enlightened by a couple random Roger quotes about the shoot. As follows: “all I know is that it was damn hot up in that bitch (the desert)…not the kind of blow on your coffee and cool it down hot, we’re talking AFRICA hot. No doubt.” “All right girls, let’s try it again.” reoccurring quote from director Marcos Siega all day long. “Yo, we did ‘What Comes Around’ so many times, that it has now been officially played more than the hooker workin down the street from my house. No diggity.” “Making a video was definitely the shit to me, it was something that I’ve done before, but not on the same level as this shoot. It was a proud moment for myself, and my brothers in Ill Nino. We’re all very happy with the shoot, and can’t wait to see it ourselves. After this, we’re back in the hood, doing an in store at Vintage Vinyl on Wednesday (02/13) in Jersey. So come down and kick it with us, say ‘wassup’, and enjoy a kick ass show. After that, we’re off to Japan to represent and do our thang. Japan will be an experience, cause I ain’t eva been thea…and Japan ain’t gonna know what hit ’em after Ill Nino rolls in to town. Who let the dogs out? Ahhhh, I’m just fuckin’ with y’all… But we are going to Japan, and we can’t wait. After Japan, it’s the good ole, wholesome Jagermeister tour. So get ready for the terror comin to a town near you. See ya when I see ya. This is Roger ‘babaloo’ Vasquez checkin out, and that’s the dilly. Peace in the Middle East.”


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