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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

The following questions were asked by fans to The Agony Scene’s Brent Masters. Here is what he had to say. Question: What got you started into music and how long did you put in before you got signed? Answer: I think we’ve all have loved and been around music since we were little kids. Personally though I’ve been playing for over ten years now and playing in bands through almost the full extent of that time. So I guess it took about seven years before I sold my soul the first time. Question: What’s the hardest sacrifice you’ve had to make through being in the band? Answer: I would say that not being able to be around the people we love at home while we’re on tour is probably the hardest thing. Other than that everything is a privilege. Question: Seeing how The Agony Scene used to be on Solid State Records, a predominately Christian label, has Christianity influenced the band or band members in any way, shape or form? Answer: We’ve never sat down and talked to each other about what we believe. As far as the band we believe in the church of rock! Question: What lead The Agony Scene to switch from Solid State to RoadRunner? And what should one expect on the new record with 3 members being replaced? Answer: First of all only two members are new (Stephen, and Brian) Mike, Chris and I have been in the band since the start. As far as the label change, Solid State really just didn’t have much to offer our band. RR had great things to say about us and had just as high hopes for the band as we do, so we went with them. And Because Mike Gitter is hot! Question: How much have things changed for you guys since you left Solid State? Answer: Things internally have stayed the same for the most part. As far as the business aspect we have a lot more people working with us now than we ever have. So it helps us to be able to concentrate on our music a lot more. Question: Hey guys, just wanted to know what was your mindset like in recording the new record? Did you go in knowing how you wanted the record to sound? Answer: Well the record was written before we entered the studio so we knew what it would sound like, but during the writing process we just kept playing with no preconceived ideas in order to bring out what comes more naturally to us… thus “The Darkest Red”. Question: What is your largest musical inspiration? Answer: Mine personally…. probably The Doors. Question: If you could tour with any band alive or dead what band would it be? Answer: Pantera. Question: What is your favorite song to play live? Answer: It depends on how sober I am but I like playing “Lines of Suicide” a lot. Question: Have any of you guys been injured while playing? Answer: Yes, I am at home right now due to a tear in my biceps. Other than that we bleed all the time from rocking to hard. Question: In the world of “metal core” bands, how do you see yourself standing out from the crowd? Answer: The question is how do YOU see us standing out? Question: Will there be any guest vocals on your new album? Answer: Nope. Question: Hey what words of advice can you give to kids that want to start a band? Answer: Work as hard as you can then work harder. Don’t ever give up. Being in a band is not all fun and games just keep striving to be the best. Question: What do you think is the most important role in being in the band? Answer: The drummer is the most important member because of his off “tha” hook skills


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