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Unholy Glasgow (pt 1)

Posted on February 12, 2008

We asked you to send in your reviews of the Unholy Alliance dates…. here is the first posted, from the Glasgow show. Thanks to Chris Robb for writing in. “I saw this show in glasgow! What can i say? If I wanted to kick myself in the testicles for days on end it wouldnt have been as brutal as this!! Mastodon- 20 minute set but this band will be seen raising hell for years upon years! if they had a longer set thye would have literally leveled the SECC! This just went from crushing rift to crushing rift with terrorising vocals. I havent heard much by them but i was very impressed. Hatebreed- When Mastodon announced they would be on i screamed as loud as i could! The guy next to me said take it you like hatebreed too? My answer F**k yeh! Well then its my first gig you better join me in the pit! Well this pit was unbeilevablely insanse! And this was as crazy as i thought it would get!! Bugger me was i wrong! The crushing songs This is Now, Beholder of Justice and Live for This *only songs i can remember because i had such a good time*. They destroyed the SECC. Bodies were everywher and wondering how they could cope with the next 2 bands! Hatebreed left a mark which would have to be met by the next bands to make this a gig to remember!! Slayer- I was dissapointed with this. Just because Slayer are loud as f**k and also fast as f**k dosent make you a great live band. They releaded so much on the lights to try and make it work it just didnt do anything for me. I actually went to the bar during this. BUt it got better as the set ended. apart from God Hates Us All the set seemed dead although everyone was pitting like a CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER and it was their last chance to live! Angel of Death, South of Heaven, Post Mortem and the best live song ever Reign in Blood * being condradictive i know but it is* sent me into a frenzy and the pits grew bigger and bigger. The set seemed to pick up. BUt it still lacked that killer instinct. Slipknot- Without Craig how would the 8 man wrecking machine destroy glasgow? With F**KING EASE! i have never EVER seen a set like this! Prelude 3.0 as an intro. Set the theme of the night. We might have new songs but we still tear every place to fucking pieces! The killer anthems Sic,Eyeless,3 nil, People equal shit all got crazier reactions than all the other bands put TOGETHER. Nothing could quite prepare anyone for Duality though. Corey gave a heartwarming speech about craig (or spikehead as he affectionately called him) and told the crowd to sing loud enough he’ll hear us in america. Well bugger me. I could just hear joey knocking the crap out of the drums. It was insane. Everyone knew word for word and boy did they sing it with power and passion! Spit it out saw the crowd kneel down and jump about 50 feet in the air!! Wait and Bleed set the crowd up for the amazing finish that is the New International FUcking anthem SURFACING! The crowd went even crazier because it was the last song! They walked off to Circle. Best gig ive ever been to. Nothing can touch this for power,passion and all out balls up heavy fucking metal! A gig should be more like this. Stripped back to the bar essantials and let the music do the talking! If you missed this then you missed a life changing moment! You saw the past,present and future of metal! Im glad its in safe hands and ill see great shows for years to come.” Chris Robb


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