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Tommy Talks

Posted on February 12, 2008

About time we caught up with Spineshank again.. and as always, Tommy’s happy to chat. Tommy Decker, drums, tells the following: Hi everybody! I’m writing to let you all know what the deal is and why this record has taken so damn long to finish. First of all, we really want this record to be the best Spineshank record yet, and that takes time. We initially started the recording process in June, but it didn’t feel right – We didn’t feel like there were enough heavy songs. So, we decided to push it back. We’d rather take the time and put out a great record rather than rush out some crap. I don’t know how you guys feel about the so called “heavy” music scene lately, but I think it sucks! Everyone is watering themselves down to get on the radio, I cant believe that some of these bands still call themselves metal. I can promise you that our new record will be HEAVY and it will also have a lot of melody, just like our other albums. We’ve actually written over 20 songs and are still writing. We feel like we have a great record and are finally ready to record. BUT, nothing ever goes smoothly in the world of SS. There has been a ton of scheduling problems and mixed feelings about the people we were working with, but that has finally been taken care of – GGGarth Richardson has signed on to do the record!! The band is excited and relieved to be working with him again. So, all the final details have been worked out and we will start tracking in early November (finally!!!), we hope to be on tour by January, but we will see what happens. I’m sure there will be a few shows before then. We also hope to have the record out by March, but who knows with the “SpineShank luck.” So that’s all the news for now, I’ll let you know when there are any further developments. – TOMMY


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