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Through The Keyhole With Riz Story

Posted on February 12, 2008

What does Riz have to say about these Through The Keyhole features? And how the show in Anaheim went? “I spent the day today hanging with OZZY and Sharon and their 6 dogs and 2 cats. OZZY and I traded stories about our lives in the music world. He showed me around his estate and we played some pool. He showed me some of his prized possessions and told story after story. He is a good chap and I enjoyed his vibe. Yesterday I went up to spend the eve with Dez of COAL CHAMBER. He’s got lots of beautiful art in his place that him and his girl create in their cozy crib. His girl is very artistic, beautiful inside and out, and they are a stony couple indeed. I wish them the best and hope to hang again soon, fate willing. The show was unreal last Friday at the House Of Blues. Playing with Stephen Perkins was cool. He’s so good it’s just amazing, but mostly I just enjoyed his countenance. He is very warm and humble. The gig was epic ,sold out and going off… more later. story” Yesterday, we wrote how Anyone’s vocalist/guitarist Riz Story was en route with Metal Hammer personnel over to Coal Chamber’s frontman’s house, Dez Fafara. All true. So, what happened? First, apparently Riz and the boys from Metal Hammer had a bit of car trouble, showing up at Dez’s pad 2 hours later than expected. No worries though, as Dez tells, “we had a great time”. So, what exactly was this in home feature all about? Riz was accompanied by a journalist who was taking notes whilst Riz and Dez spoke, and a photographer who was taking pictures of everything at Dez’s place – his artwork (both paintings and sculptures), Anahstasia’s artwork, pics of the backyard, bedroom – everything. What exactly did Dez and Riz speak about? Dez tells “Everything. From music to literature. I found out he’s a fan of Ghandi, he found out I’m a fan of Machiavelli.” Though we are not sure when this “Through The Keyhole With Riz Story” feature at Dez’s house will appear in Metal Hammer, it should be within the next couple months. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. In closing, Dez tells “It’s a true at home – t shirts, no make up, kicking back at home with the Fafara’s.” Down in Austin, located in the state of Texas, there is a yearly music conference known as SXSW. Previously we wrote that Five Pointe O would be making an appearance at SXSW on March 15 with Mushroomhead and Lamb Of God, another show during their upcoming tour. Well, now two other new Roadrunner acts will be making an appearance as well… Anyone and Sinch will now be playing SXSW together on Mar 16. Texas, get ready. Most likely Anyone (coming to SXSW from Cali after their upcoming US run with Lennon) will be playing a couple shows amongst their travels to Austin. Sinch, the same holds true. Going to Austin from the streets of Philadelphia, will most likely make a mini-week long tour along the way. Keep checking back for details. What a small world it is… Remember the THROUGH THE KEYHOLE WITH RIZ news story we posted last week (read below)? Well, in that story we told how Anyone’s lead singer/guitarist Riz Story was being taken around by Metal Hammer to the homes of other rock celebs for a visit. These at home visits will later come to life in Metal Hammer as a feature titled “Through The Keyhole With Riz Story”. Content for 4 series has already been documented – to the homes of Ozzy, Lit, (hed)pe, and of course, Anyone. Well, as this is being written, Riz and Metal Hammer are but 90 minutes away for arriving at the house of Coal Chamber frontman Dez. It’s true. What will happen behind closed doors tonight? We’ll be sure to let you know…


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