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Through The Ashes Of Portsmouth

Posted on February 12, 2008

Roadrunner says: “When you can’t find Adam or Phil in the Portmouth Pyramids- look in the pool! An absolutely astounding set followed by an impromptu swim by the guys (until they got thrown out!) and some DJ’ing at the local hotspot for almost 3 hours til 2am by Robb! Much vodka and cran and fun was had by all!” And here’s what you had to say…. Expendable Man says: “I just got back from the Portsmouth gig, fucking amazing night. Opening with ‘Imperium’ and ‘Take My Scars’ just sent the entire place berzerk and the whole set was killer, though they didn’t do the QOTSA cover you guys have been talking about doon there. During ‘Davidian,’ I saw a kid who couldn’t have been more than eleven years old spinning round the mosh pit and screaming the lyrics. Respect to that lad’s parents. They also got a huge circle pit going during ‘Block’ at the end which took up nearly the entire venue, that was beyond any shadow of a doubt an astounding gig, the only thing that let it down was no ‘Bite the bullet’ and the fact that Sikth were there.” Steveuk666 says: “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! Portsmouth was my first Machine Head gig and it was fucking immense!! My ears are still ringing!! Yeah you could tell they were lovin it up there on stage. I knew I was. I was in the mosh pit at the front to the right, jumpin, kickin, headbanging and devil’s saluting, … and just goin fucking crazy!! Great fun. MACHINE FUCKING HEAD. eattheafterbirth says “Holy shit! That was one of the best gigs ever. And I fuckin well mean ever. Went to London on the 27th as well and last nite kicked London’s ass (and London was fuckin excellent). Fuckin “head case” crowd. Fuckin Machine Head were awesome and you could tell they were fuckin loving it…Overall a fuckin quality week.” Phil Graves says: “As for the show….OH MY GOD! Best fucking show I’ve seen in a long long time. Robb certainly knows how to get a crowd going. Loved every second of it and can’t wait to see them again but most of all….thanks for getting us into the after show party. Never been to one of those before and it was really cool to hang out with the guys and get drunk…” Charlie says: “Fuck yeah! That was the first gig i’ve ever been to and it was crazy! MACHINE FUCKING HEAD! MACHINE FUCKING HEAD! MACHINE FUCKING HEAD! I had the best time ever! So gonna see them again! The band were excellent The crowd were excellent That whole thing was fucking excellent!” Machine Head play Bristol tonight.


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