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The Making Of The Sinch Record

Posted on February 12, 2008

Yesterday (May 28th), at precisely 3:16pm, Sinch finished their first post-Memorial Day practice of 2002. After a weekend away, it is back on the horse. Speaking of the weekend, this past weekend Dan (drums) and Tony (guitar) spent Sunday night on the WYSP airwaves…that’s 94.1 on the FM radio dial in the streets of Philadelphia. They were on the station’s weekly ‘Exposed’ show – Dan and Tony answered a few questions, and three songs from their upcoming release were played: “433”, “Bitmap”, and “Something More”. Speaking of songs from their upcoming album, click into MUSIC for an MP3 download of the song “Seven”…which, coincidentally enough, happens to be track #7 on their cd. We shit you not. What else…final touches are currently being done on the video for “Something More”. Should be fully complete within’ the first week or two of June. What else…but of course, debut self titled release in stores July 29th. Be sure to check out the brand new band biography now up! Down in Austin, located in the state of Texas, there is a yearly music conference known as SXSW. Previously we wrote that Five Pointe O would be making an appearance at SXSW on March 15 with Mushroomhead and Lamb Of God, another show during their upcoming tour. Well, now two other new Roadrunner acts will be making an appearance as well… Anyone and Sinch will now be playing SXSW together on Mar 16. Texas, get ready. Most likely Anyone (coming to SXSW from Cali after their upcoming US run with Lennon) will be playing a couple shows amongst their travels to Austin. Sinch, the same holds true. Going to Austin from the streets of Philadelphia, will most likely make a mini-week long tour along the way. Keep checking back for details. The very first song of 2002 that was put up on this site was Sinch’s “Tabula Rasa”. So, have you listened to it yet? An MP3 of the track is still sitting pretty in our music section. Sinch. “Tabula Rasa”. If you remember, back when we first put this track on the site, we added a very very random side note…saying the words “Tabula Rasa” are actually Latin. AND, like most all Latin words, they are the base for our English language. Can you guess what “Tablula Rasa” means? In the English language, the word ‘table’ came from the Latin ‘tabula’, and ‘raze’ (meaning to erase or demolish) comes from the Latin ‘raza’. Put them together and “Tabula Rasa” translates to “blank slate” or “clean slate”. Well, as promised, we have a couple words from the band on our Latin lesson. When we asked if any of the above was correct, Sinch drummer Dan wrote the following: Yeah…”clean slate” or “blank slate” is right. More specifically: 1-a. The mind before it receives the impressions gained from experience. b. The unformed, featureless mind in the philosophy of John Locke. 2. A need or an opportunity to start from the beginning. Hmmmm…you learn something new every day. So, it is no secret that over the past few months Sinch was holed away down in southern USA recording their self titled Roadrunner debut. It is also no secret that for all intents and purposes, the full recording process for this release is now complete (there is one last song that has yet to be fully mastered, that should be done on Jan 18). So, where’s the music? The first piece of new music we throw out to you for the year 2002 is a piece from Sinch. In what will be track #3 on their upcoming debut, the song is called “Tabula Rasa”. A song which our US new media and resident hardcore guy Carl describes as “fuckin amazing”). Tis Time. Download the MP3 of Sinch’s “Tabula Rasa” from the MUSIC page. The band’s debut album is called ‘Sinch’. Sinch has currently finished re-mixing their single with JJ Puig (Green Day, No Doubt, Stereo Mud, Static X). The name of the radio single is “Something More”. It should hit the US airwaves early in 2002. Sinch will be mastering their CD in the next couple of weeks, as well. Look for Sinch to hit the road in the US in February. On Nov 27, our creative director at Roadrunner US traveled down to the streets of Philadelphia to reside over the virgin Sinch photoshoot…and by the looks of it, since their A&R Rep is not in today, one would be led to think he is down in the streets of Philadephia for the shoot as well. Yes, Sinch’s first photoshoot for Roadrunner is happening, somewhere in the streets of Philadelphia. Reminder – recording and mixing for the Sinch debut is complete. We last heard from Paul when he was in Nashville, Tennessee at the Groove Room for the mixing of Sinch’s debut. In his company was the band and the man heading the mix sessions, Charlie ‘the Rocco’ Brocco. As that was written (Oct 12), they were working on the mix for “The Silent Acquiescence Of Millions”, which is sounding head and shoulders more killer than the previous version going around. Seven songs had been mixed in total, and all were due to be completed by Oct 15. Earlier it was written that Sinch is “ass deep in the recording of their Roadrunner debut.” It was also written that “both their manager and A&R Rep here are apparently flipping out over what they are hearing.”. And of course, “more detail to come later this week” was written too. Well, all the above still stands true, and here is the “more detail” we promised you earlier: – ALL basic tracking has been completed on this project. In fact, it was finished up Sep 20th- All that is left is 5-6 days of doing some overdubs & extra vocals. – 11 songs have been recorded in total thus far. Word is that there is a 12th floating around, but it has yet to be decided if that track will or will not be recorded. – As told previously by The Production Gospel According to Dave, and confirmed by Sinch’s manager, Sinch should be completely finished recording AND mixing come the first few days in October. The plan is to start mixing by the 27th at the latest, and be finished by October 5th. At such point in time, the band will make the drive back to sweet home Philadelphia, where it will be rehearsals…and keep your eye out for some regional shows. One last thing to keep your eye out for – a self produced video from the band. In plain English, Sinch’s drummer Dan tells “we are currently in Nashville, TN recording an album for Roadrunner Records. Malcolm Springer is the producer. Right now we are recording all the basic tracks at The Rock (Malcolm’s studio) and we’ll be moving over to another studio to mix sometime next month.” Well, their A&R Rep here at Roadrunner, Paul Conroy, traveled down to Nashville last week to hear and see what was going on. His findings are as follows: “I heard a chunk of the record and it is mind blowing. This is some revolutionary melodic shit, unlike anything I have ever heard. It is going to freak some people out. Some interesting tidbits I have learned about Sinch – 1) Jamie, the singer, while in Nashville is honing his skills at basketball and Madden 2002 Playstation 2 football. 2) Mike, the bass guitarist, has become a proficient Ping Pong Player. 3) Tony, the guitarist, cannot handle his beer. 4) Dan, the drummer, has been renamed “Olie” by the producer.” As for where the name “Olie” came from, that seems to be a mystery… On Aug 20th Sinch started the recording of their yet to be titled Roadrunner debut in the hometown of Hank Williams – Nashville, TN, USA- in the studio of their producer Malcolm Springer, a place called The Rock. They spent the first couple days getting their sound together and getting everything set up for which will be the building blocks of their next month plus in the studio with Malcolm. Remember the concept of ‘pre-production’ that we always write about? (‘pre-production’ meaning the time the band spends with the producer rehearsing and getting on the same page, before actual recording starts – usually two weeks time) Well, seems for this project, ‘pre-production’ has been thrown out the window, as the band has already started recording during their first week with Malcolm. Word is, if everything is ‘vibing and sounding good’, they track it. Instead of going through a week or two of ‘pre-prod’, if the energy is there and the feeling is right, record it. Expect to see a self produced video for the song “Tabula Rasa” here on the site in the coming weeks, a video done entirely by Sinch’s guitarist Tony Lannutti. Just one more piece of info – throughout this recording process Sinch and Malcolm will be working 7 days/week, 12 hours a day (usually from noon to midnight)… As of August 28th, here’s a studio update direct from the band: Ok… since our last update, we have gotten a lot done. We recorded the drum tracks for 5 songs: 433, Tabula Rasa, Die in Fall, Plasma and an untitled new song. We have a few of those (untitled songs) so this could eventually get a little confusing. But I think we’re OK for now. All the basic guitar tracks are complete for 433 and Die in Fall. Bass tracks are done on 433 and Die in Fall is being recorded right now. By the end of this week we should have all the basic tracks done on those first 5 songs and we’ll be recording more drums. This is the first time we’ve recorded like this, but it seems to be working really well. Everyone does their thing for a few days and then they get a break, so no one gets burned out recording 10 songs in a row or whatever. I have to say, so far everything sounds amazing. Malcolm (the producer) has brought in a lot of really cool ideas for our songs. Not so much with new parts or melodies or anything, but more just with arrangement ideas. I think everything is coming together really well. I don’t want to bore you with every little detail of what goes on in the studio, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. Click here to email us your questions. Aside from the recording there hasn’t been too much else going on. We’ve been playing a lot of SSX Snowboarding on the PlayStation2 and watching the Nashville public access channel. Apparently, you don’t really have to know what you’re doing or have a specific idea for a show to get a show on this channel. We still don’t have any pictures to put up, but we will soon. And hopefully we can get a video clip or two up as well. And now, we will leave you with some words of wisdom, inspiration, encouragement, and truth from Sinch’s A&R Rep here at Roadrunner, Paul Conroy: “Sinch has worked their collective asses off for over eight months in preparation for this record. The month spent with Walter Schreifels (Rival Schools, Quicksand) definitely raised my expectations for this record and they were incredibly high to begin with. Their producer Malcolm Springer will take this band to the next level. Sinch will deliver a record, an emotional heavy rock record that will break through the glut of pop metal and one hit wonder rock bands that are over-saturating the market.”


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