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Spitting Fire

Posted on February 12, 2008

In a recent interview with Planet Loud, Christian talks about their new album ‘Archetype’ and the passion behind it. It would seem Burton’s letting off some steam… “…the lyrics are basically about what he thinks – how many times can you carry on the concept he was writing about ? I grew up listening to old-school hardcore and the thing about that was that the lyrics were related to real things – racism, personal things, stuff like that. That was something I missed on the last couple of Fear Factory records – like on the first album you had songs like Crash Test which were about animal testing and you can picture that in your head. That’s something I missed especially on the last couple of records. It was good for what it was and it made us stand out but it’s all fictional and we needed to come back hardcore…you listen to Digimortal and this record and there is no passion on Digimortal whereas, on this record, you listen to it and he’s spitting fire. The passion is back. I like the hardcore feel of it. So the record might not be polished but I prefer the hardcore feel, I’ll go for that over a better production any day!” Visit PLANET LOUD for the full interview.


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