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Slipknot Talk To Guitar One

Posted on February 12, 2008

Producer Rick Rubin (SLAYER, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, AUDIOSLAVE, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) recently spoke to Guitar One magazine about SLIPKNOT’s decision to relocate to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills for the recording of the follow-up to 2001’s “Iowa”, due this summer through Roadrunner Records. “By nature, all bands grow apart,” Rubin said. “When four guys get together, you can reacquaint pretty quickly. But when nine guys get together, the chances of everyone really connecting í¢ä‰åäó it doesn’t just happen. Now they’re all living happily together in the same environment. I think it really helped them get back to who they were when they started. Regarding the group’s musical approach on the new album, Rubin said, “The thing people like about SLIPKNOT is that it’s extreme. And if you do the same thing for a few albums in a row, it no longer seems extreme. But extreme can be a lot of things í¢ä‰åäó hard, fast, slow. So the goal is to try to forget history, and find the extreme that turns listeners on most now. That doesn’t mean it won’t sound like SLIPKNOT í¢ä‰åäó it just means it won’t have a narrow vision.” “We’ve got some weird, moody shit, and we’ve got another song that’s faster than anything we’ve ever played,” SLIPKNOT guitarist Mick Thomson revealed to Guitar One. “[SLIPKNOT music] is whatever comes out when we’re in a room together doing what we do. We don’t go, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be slick if we wrote another single like ‘Wait And Bleed’? All the little kids would like it, and we’d get played on the radioí¢ä‰åŒ_’ That’s bullshit.” “These songs are completely fuckin’ brutal,” guitarist Jim Root added, “but there’s more room for creativity. Mick and I are letting our individual styles work together more. There are certain things where we’re not matched up exactly, but it sounds really cool. There’s certain things where Mick’s doing a single-note tasty-flow thing, and I’m chunking it out. We’re letting it be more free.” blabbermouth In other ‘Knot news, the band have recently confirmed they will be appearing on the US Jagermeister tour with Fear Factory and Chimaira.


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