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Slipknot Astoria 24/05/2004

Posted on February 12, 2008

From MusicOMH.com: “Slipknot + My Ruin @ Astoria, London, 24 May 2004 A while ago I saw Limp Bizkit at Brixton Academy, and supporting were a band called The Tarantinos. Their set consisted of cover versions from the Tarantino films – good for pubs, exceedingly bad for a gig of that nature. It was the perfect example of wrong band, wrong time: boos, missiles and the band retreating from the front of the stage, all ensued. In contrast, My Ruin fitted the “support act” bill perfectly tonight. Tairrie B’s hermaphrodite vocals roaring over chunky bass and guitars were just what the crowd needed. Although the initial enthusiastic mosh pit died down rapidly, people were left well warmed up for the main feature… …The crowd had to wait for over an hour before Slipknot squeezed onto the stage (bit too fashionably late guys). Nevertheless, this was an intense affair – the physical pounding of the music was relentless, but oh so welcome. Four from the new album – The Blister Exists, Three Nil, Duality and Pulse Of The Maggots were aired. They were all strong, but with the exception of Duality, a non-knowledgeable crowd was left listening rather than joining in. Some older songs interspersed (Sic, Disaster Piece, Left Behind) kept the attention. This was most definitely a hot one. The pits were working well at the back, with a large crush at the front creating near Death Valley temperatures. However, the floor was like an ice rink: please Astoria, put some grippier floor down, 퀌æ la Brixton Academy – you owe it to the kiddies, they need to learn to mosh without falling over… The second half of the gig consisted purely of favourites, but then Slipknot…know exactly which songs please the crowd. Hence, My Plague, Wait And Bleed, The Heretic Anthem, Spit It Out (including the neat trick of getting most of the Astoria to sit down before the crescendo), People = S**t, and the eternal, favourite finale of Surfacing. The sound throughout did tend to drown some of the guitars’ grinding and lead riffs, and the band’s stage presence seemed overly “managed”, although with brief talks to the crowd, Corey Taylor did repeat his enthusiasm for London and this size of gig (a much better way to see them than big outdoor festivals). Sheer exhaustion of keeping up with the consistent aural battering somewhat muted the crowd in terms of response but hey, this is Slipknot, not Katie Melua – everyone knew what they wanted, Slipknot delivered, and left the punters well sated. – Ian Robinson” You can see pics of the gig HERE.


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