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Riding With Spineshank & Chimaira

Posted on February 12, 2008

While we were hangin’ out in Cardiff, we grabbed Spineshank’s Mike, and Chimaira’s Rob, and sat em down for a little chat. Analysing Spineshank’s Rider Most potent item: Vodka (Grey Goose) Favourite food stuff: Pizza, after the show. Best hangover cure: Pedialyte (“It’s medicine stuff they give to kids in the US, like when they have the shits… it rehydrates you.”) Favourite drink to make: Vodka & Cranberry What would you add: Socks, condoms, lube, sex toys, and 2 chicks for me. (“You see where my mind is at today?”) Did You Know? Spineshank & Chimaira are old buddies… and have played together in the US more than once. Indeed on this tour, the guys even shared a tour bus and so…. Best & Worst Thing About Sharing A Bus With Chimaira? Best: Having someone to talk to when you hate your band! Worst: James Samuel LaMarca. (“It’s a joke. Go with it, I want him to see this!”) Best & Worst Thing About Sharing A Bus With Spineshank? Best: Hangin’ with the bros every day. Worst: James Samuel LaMarca.


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