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Nickel Kittie Meets Nickelback

Posted on February 12, 2008

Some of you guys reading this will know me, others won’t. My name is Sarah, but my nickname is Nickel Kittie πŸ™‚ I suffer from Agoraphobia, which means I sometimes have difficulty leaving the house, and going to busy places, but not anymore! Through Nickelback I have been able to move on and have gained so much confidence! On Sunday I got to see and meet Nickelback thanks to R.R. Records! I’ve been on the street team for a while, and was teamer of the month a lil while back πŸ˜€ Meeting Nickelback was so special for me, and this is just some of what went on that night! We got to Brixton about 5pm, bit early, but oh well! We walked round for a bit, and around the building and we saw 4 tour buses! The bus driver of one of the buses waved, but no one came out lol About 7.10pm or so, the R.R. rep came and got us all, there were 13 in all. There were a few comp winners and a few people had arranged to meet the band via Treana. We went into this kind of bar area and we were told Nickelback would be along soon! I got to meet the other guys from the street team, they were all very cool! Soon after the band arrived! I saw Ryan 1st, then Mike, then Nik then Chad. They all looked fantastic, even tho Chad said he had Jetlag! I was the 1st in the queue to get my stuff signed πŸ˜€ Me and Chad had a quick chat, and he signed my CD as did Nik. Nik was ever so sweet he asked me how I was πŸ˜€ Next I moved onto Mike, we had a bit of a quick chat, he was def the most loudest in the band! We asked each other how we were doing, and he said he was good, but its a bit dark! And it was! The bar had really bad lighting, they had to get a torch for the guys to sign our stuff! Next of course, is Ryan! I said to him “I’ve heard your into your web stuff?”, and he looked at me puzzled, then looked at Mike fairly worried! I dunno what he thought I was gonna say LOL But I just told him about my website, and as soon as he found out I was Nickel Kittie he shoved his hand out! He wanted to shake my hand!! Like he was pleased to meet me, and I was like, “no Ryan, it’s the other way around!!” He said he had def heard of my website, and was going to check it out soon!! Next we had our photos taken with the guys. I squashed myself in-between Chad and Ryan possibly the most 2 good looking guys on the earth! I had both Ryan and Chad’s arms around me, and mine around them!!! Sorry, girly moment there?. ) Next I got to talk to Ryan alone πŸ™‚ 1st I got a hug from him, then I told him about my agoraphobia. I told him how Nickelback’s music has changed my life, and has helped me to do all the things I can do today. He totally understood and was very sympathetic. He said he knew where I was coming from, and that he understands it can be hard for people to relate πŸ™‚ Ryan had to have pics taken with the other fans, so we didn’t get to finish our conversation. He held me close and kept checking on me in-between photos. Once he was finished with the photos we carried on talking. He said I was not to worry, and he was so pleased I was able to do the things I can do now. He said I would really enjoy the show and he said to me ‘come here’ and grabbed me! I mean he had his arm around me before I knew what was happening! He gave me a hug without even asking! I just held him it was a long hug. It was beautiful. Ryan has to be one of the most special people you could ever meet, all of Nickelback are. They made my dreams come true, and taken them beyond. At 1st I felt silly for telling Ryan about how Nickelback have changed my life, but he was so understand and considerate, I was totally at ease. Not nervous once. I got to see Hawk too, he tried to get in on a few of our photos! But Chad told him off ) Also we got to meet Timmy outside. It was really funny, as he was just standing there, with loads of Nickelback fans around him in the queue waiting to get in, and none of them said anything!! I recognised him tho!! The gig was absolutely amazing. You will never see a show like that with any other band! The pyro was literally on fire, and Chad kept making jokes and getting the crowd really up for it! The only thing wrong was it had to end! I could have stayed forever singing along πŸ˜€ When they played Someday it really got the crowd going, I don?t think there was one person in that venue that wasn’t singing along! I could only go and see Nickelback because of Nickelback, if you get what I mean. I could have never done the things I have done for any other band, no one has touched my heart and my life like Nickelback have. I have been able to meet many wonderful people through Nickelback’s music, and without them I could not have done any of what I have achieved. And of course the support from Nickelback, especially Ryan! I couldn’t say I’m raring to go for my next gig, it will take time for me to totally be at ease with situations like that, but to have Nickelback as my 1st gig, what more could I ask for? Thank you Nickelback!!! Sarah, aka Nickel Kittie You can check out Sarah’s Nickelback website at www.nickel-kittie.tk.


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