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Murderdolls in Glasgow

Posted on February 12, 2008

One of our teamers, Stewart, wrote in today to tell us about the Murderdolls Glasgow show. It sounds so awesome we’re jealous we were here in London.. thanks for the line Stewart! “Hi Roadrunner I would like to thank you for setting me up with the greatest night of my life. I arrived at the the venue at around 6:15 so I phoned the point man and in 5 minutes me and the other teamers were in the lobby out of the rain (which was pissin down), so we got our stuff ready for the Murderdolls to sign and in minutes there they where in the same room breathing the same air as me. Joey came straight over to me probably because I was holding a drumstick and said in these exact words “Oh a drumstick cool do you want me to sign it?” and I’m like fuck yeah. Then I got every member to sign my album booklet and then we just mingled with the band just hangin out and talkin. And then Wednesday13 said that we were the best dressed group of fans he’d ever met especially the kid in the KISS shirt and guess who that kid was? It was ME. Then came the show itself seeing as we got in early we were at the very front. Anti-product the support band came on at about 10 to eight. And they were nothin like I thought they would be I’d been hearing that they were shit with a capital S but they kick fuckin ass and they were pretty funny especially when they got the crowd to sing along to a Maria Carie song but then broke into a kick as brutal ballad the frontman kept on jumpin into the crowd . About 40 minutes after they came off the one and only MURDERDOLLS came on and the crowd surged and went psycho and after the first song they had won over the whole crowd. Every song was play excellently and during the 6 or 7 song Joey (my new personal friend) lept off of an amp into the crowd beneath him with his guitar still strapped around neck. Nearer the end of the set I went to see what the pit was like and the guys in there were going bloody crazy. Moshpit to the left crowdsurfer to the right a fuckin maniacs at the front and back. I was having the time of my life. When the band left the stage I was heart broken but as soon as the crowd started chantin JOEY!JOEY!JOEY! They burst back onto the stage with a kick ass rendition of DEAD IN HOLLYWOOD. All in all I think everyone in the building that night went away only to come back to see them at the SCEE and then leave before Papa Roach (a pitifully inferior band compared to the Murderdolls) come on so that the memory of the Dolls will stay fresh in their minds. That said I want to thank you once more for providing me with a signed Joey Jordison drumstick, an album cover signed by all members who were present that night and last but definitely not least the night of my life I can safely say that if I were to die tomorrow I wouldn’t care.” Stewart Stevenson


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