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Lyrically Yours – Understanding KsE

Posted on February 12, 2008

Curious about the songs? What follows below are a few words on each song from Jesse, the singer of KsE. Numbered Days Numbered Days is about the system of Babylon, and how the time will be coming soon for them to tumble and fall. I really believe the time is approaching swiftly. Self Revolution Self Revolution is exactly what it says. It’s time to make a change within yourself, and that’s up to the individual. Fixation On The Darkness Fixation on the Darkness to me is really about what the title says. It’s really just looking inside yourself, we all have that darkness, and we all have the light, and just finding the balance between those two things. But for that particular song, I’m really looking at the dark side of things and that change can be made, and there are ways to overcome your situation and your problems, and the dark side of your soul. My Last Serenade My Last Serenade has a lot of meanings for me. It’s really about burning bridges. There comes a time when you have to leave people behind and just let them know that you care and there’s only so much love you can give somebody until they drag you down with them. Life To Lifeless Life To Lifeless was my way of dealing with September 11th, and there are really no words for it, so I just leaned on the old philosophy: we live, we die, some people live to live some more. Life continues and if it doesn’t continue, there is an afterlife, I firmly believe that. So things happen for a reason. Just Barely Breathing Just Barely Breathing is really my question to people. They need to look into themselves and ask themselves are they really alive? Are they really living life to the fullest? Or are they just getting by? And if so, if you’re not happy, you need to make a change, make a difference in this world. To the Sons of Man To the Sons of Man is a direct song to the people, and really the lyrics speak for themselves. Temple from Within Temple from Within is my ode to spirituality and the way that I feel towards life. Times when I feel I can’t keep pushing, I find a way and I know it’s not me, it’s another force so that’s me paying my respects. The Element of One The Element of One is also an ode to my wife, the love she has given me and the love I have experienced from family members, and being torn away from them, in a touring situation, being away from home. I wrote that song to deal with being away from home, away from the people that I love and having to be on the road. Vide Infra Vide Infra is the good old unity song. It speaks about how there is no one who is better than another person, and we should all have the chance for equality and just overall to embrace love and respect for your fellow man. Without a Name Without a Name is just an instrumental song. It contains very emotional riffs. You listen to it and it can conjure up different things for different people. It’s a very emotional piece of music. Rise Inside Rise Inside is really the Killswitch Engage Anthem. It tells people that no matter who you are in your life, I’m here for a reason and I’m doing the best I can to do that. We really need to embrace love and not forsake each other as human beings and realize that we are all one deep down inside. Believe it or not, I’m willing to stand up and speak my mind and tell them how I feel about things.


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