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Getting To Know… Andrew Williams

Posted on February 12, 2008

Name: Andrew J Williams Occupation: Guitarist, Every Time I Die Date Of Birth: 12/12/77 A tour memory: In Florida once I chased a panther. It ran and started chasing a possum. They jumped into a bush. So I chased them to the bush and I was swiped to see if it would charge! It didn’t, a badger did and I got scared and ran! One album that you think everyone should own: Wolverine Blues by Entombed – the best record ever! Blues, Death, and Rock n’ Roll all in one! Simply breathtaking! Which famous person (dead or alive) would you most like to spend time with and why them? Miles Davies because he took timing in music and just fucked it up. Beside Ornette Coleman, Davies was the only other person to do that in a musical forum. Plus he introduced the world to my favorite guitarist John McLaughin! Best piece of advice you’ve been given: Sometimes when you can’t eat for the love of food, you just got to eat to make a turd. – My Dad! If I wasn’t making music I would be… Probably working at a sewer plant. I had a job working at a shit factory before, so why not! Tell us one thing about yourself: Me and my friend Wes, are planning on dressing like Vikings and we’re going ride an iceberg over Niagara Falls! What’s one thing you hope to achieve that you haven’t yet: To catch a Channel Catfish over 40lbs! It’s a fish in the USA. I love fishing! I am most proud of: My father! He’s come a long way and he turned into a man. It feels good. Sorry for that emo answer there! Bonus Round: RR: So, your video for ‘Ebolarama’ is currently melting TV screens across the UK. What was the idea behind the video shoot? A: To write a serious video about rollerskating! RR: Loadsa people in it. Who are they? A: Mostly friends. But some miscreant kids showed up and made it even more awesome. RR: So, you got loadsa people, on rollerskates, moshing around, and falling all over eachother. What was the worst injury sustained during the video shoot? A: This dude Dave XXX just was getting pummeled. I think just his ego was bruised… but I’m not sure!?! It was great! RR: Nice. And you’ve just finished shooting a brand new video, right? Any more rollerskating? A: We just did one for ‘I Been Gone A Long Time’. It was directed by Greg Kaplan. No rollerskating! We haven’t actually seen it yet, so all I can say is that I play a bartender!!


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