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Posted on February 12, 2008

We love our street team, they work their arses off to help promote all our bands, however there are bonuses, for instance Lianna Davies got to do this awesome interview with PARTY-CORE legends EVERY TIME I DIE. If your interested in helping promote some of our artists, why not CLICK HERE and go to the street-team section of the site. ———————-THE INTERVIEW ——————————— Lianna Davies meets Every Time I Die. It’s the Last date of Every Time I Die’s first headlining tour of the UK, only have being here for two weeks, they have left a trail of mayhem and madness and wooed audiences along the way. They are on the Under the Gun tour with 12 tribes and A Life Once Lost. When I first walked in, I was greeted by Jordan Buckley, the guitarist, who gave me a big welcome hug. He then showed me around the tour bus, the conditions are cramped, 3 bands in one tour bus, but they still managed to fit 4 crates of beer in there! So then we moved into a quiet little corner, in the venue itself, where we began the interview. How was it to play download this year, did it live up to your expectations? It surprised us it will go down, without a doubt, as one of Every Time I die’s greatest shows! When you last came over to the U.K, you were a supporting act, now you have your own headlining tour, how does that feel? It was surprising coming back over here. We throught no one would care and that we would want to leave when we got here, but were all really shocked about the reception we have received from all of the UK fans and that we have managed to sell out our shows over here. When you played Ozzfest last year, they were filming battle for Ozzfest, what was it like having the singer from Cinder perform with you? At first it was a bit awkward, were not really into bands with two singers, but it was cool, he was a nice kid and had a strong voice and were happy to help out, it also got us a couple of minutes on TV as well! In April, you hosted Headbangers ball, how was that for you? It was fun, I can’t wait to do it again but because it was a big deal to us we were a bit nervous about it, but it was a really cool and Jamey Jasta is such a nice guy to work with. You have quite a different lyrical style to most of the bands out there, do you have any sort of lyrical or literary influences that contribute to the way you song write? I wish I knew, I only write the killer riffs and I’m not a big reader myself, we really need Keith to answer this, but I do agree that we have some of the best lyrics around. Because of you had a big success with ‘Hot Damn’, are you worried that your fans won’t take to your new album, ‘Gutter Phenomenon’? 100% confident they will love it. We are giving our fans what they want to hear and then made it 100 times better than they will expect. At this point in the interview Jordan notices that my shoe laces and his shoes match each other, so then we got talking about of all things, shoes! For the new album, is there a main inspiration? No real inspiration, we made it for people so when they hear it they wanna run and smack their head into a wall. I saw clips for your new video í¢ä‰åñKill The Musicí¢ä‰åŒ, and I noticed Michael Madsen is in it, how did you come about working with him? Well ya know, he’s been begging us for years to be in our video’s ( as Jordan says this he bursts in to laughter) nah Michael is friends with the director and that’s how he got to be in our video. At the cockpit gig this week, you said ‘I’ve Been Gone A Long Time’ is the best song you have ever written, why is this? You have been doing your research!! With that song it turned heads, it’s more straight forward rock, all our fans took to it, It’s a real kick in the face, so we thought they would hate it, but they didn’t. We also felt like we had done something special with this song. This is your last date on your headlining tour for the U.K and I’ve heard you like to party a lot. Have you had any wild times in the U.K, and are you looking forward to coming back? A couple of wild times (a little smirk appears on his face as he continues) some get out of control and some are safe, but we have had some good times here. We’re really looking forward to coming back here to tour with My Chemical Romance and one of the things we love about the U.K is that you have heavy rock clubs after shows, so we get to hang out with the kid’s. Back in Buffalo we never get the chance to do that, but here you do which is cool because we feel like were giving back to our fans. Every Time I Die’s new album í¢ä‰åñGutter Phenomenoní¢ä‰åŒ is out on August 22, 2005 Lianna Davies


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