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Chimaira’s DVD

Posted on February 12, 2008

Right about now, Chimaira are in Japan. After Japan, it’s off to Australia for the first time, then back home to start the writing process for a new CD. In between, a DVD/EP titled ‘The Dehumanizing Process’ will be released. Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter checked in with the following update before leaving to Japan: Hey everyone! Well, after 17 months, we are almost finished touring. Never ones to fade into the distance, our final show on the Road Rage 2004 tour ended with some insane drunken madness. There is an old tradition when bands are good friends – they play little pranks on each other like seniors in high school. We ended up crashing Machine Head’s stage for some shots of Grey Goose and Jager. At the end of their show I started playing drums with the Head on some old Metallica classics. It was awesome and now I know why I quit drums. Not to be outdone, at the height of the energy during our set, crowd is going nuts, we are having a blast, next thing you know there are 3 grown men in diapers (Machine Head) on our stage jamming with us. We got fucked with so bad and loved every minute of it. I could tell the crowd was amused with the all of the antics because I am sure they have never seen anything like that before. The Road Rage tour was a blast for us all, and we became closer friends with Machine Head who are some of the best guys on the planet. We just had 2 days off and are headed overseas for our first Japanese and Australian tours, with our friends in In Flames. We are fucking stoked. Rumor has it all of the Australian shows are already sold out. Don’t quote me on that, but that is what I hear. Touring has been a blast and it really defines what is best about being in a band. Onward and upward the DVD is complete. A lot of people seem confused as to what the content on the DVD is. This is not your typical band DVD. It is not something we put together. An actual director, Todd Bell, made a movie based on us…you get the deal. Here is what you can look forward to: – A 90-minute documentary about what we have accomplished, over come, and endured over the past 2 years. It follows us from the beginning of the writing process for The Impossibility of Reason, the recording, the touring and all of the shit we went through in between and during, especially with our drummer situations this year. – The extra goodies that will be included are all of our videos and a 7 song concert from Europe (Colin Richardson mixed the audio from the concert in 5.1 and it sounds amazing) – a 2nd disc, the This Present Darkness CD with some extra tracks (for some reason, a lot of people think the audio for this record is on the DVD…THIS IS NOT THE CASE it is a separate CD entirely) The DVD/EP comes out November 2nd and we really hope everyone enjoys it. The past 2 years have been really special for us and we are excited to be able to share it with everyone in the world. Finally we will start writing this October and hope to be in the studio in January. We hope the DVD/EP can hold you all over till the new shit comes out! Thanks for all of the support for the past year and a half and even though we look forward to a “break” we can’t wait to get back out to do it all over again. Thanks again. Mark


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