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Chimaira Under The Spotlight

Posted on February 12, 2008

Here’s the answers to a few questions from fans of Chimaira posted to the RR US site… 1) First of all, I’d like to extend all the respect in the world to Chimaira. Words can’t describe the ferocity of your music…for heavy music fans, it’s heaven. Thanks for having the guts to play what you want and what you like regardless of what the general public would like you to believe is popular. My question is this: One of the studio update pics posted on your site showed Corey Taylor in attendance. Did any collaboration with him take place? Thanks! – Adam S. Mark-No, there was not enough time, maybe on the next record! For now it was important to us just to establish a friendship, rather then bug him to be on the record. 2) I am a long time fan and buddies with your friends Sw1tched!! I got a chance to hang with em in Chicago!! I want to know: Who are your two biggest influences for the KICK ASS music you guys play?? Thanks a lot and hope to see ya on the road. – Luke S Mark-Our influences stem from many things. While recording the record we listened to a lot of different types of music. Some of the bands we listened to were Mad Season, Massive Attack, Portishead, Candiria, and Mudvayne. Most of the time being cramped up in the studio, you are forced to only listen to your band, anything, even Nelly is better then hearing your own music after a while. 3) This may be a little out of the ordinary, but seeing how you guys are now officially signed with Roadrunner I was hoping they would up your merchandise and other things…. Think that will happen? And – stemming from that question… I’ve been wanting to add a Chimaira logo to the back windshield of my car. I mean a huge, translucent one that would take up a good half of the window? Any way that would be possible? Thanks – Jon V Mark-You will see Chimaira merch and other items on the Blue Grape/Roadrunner site in the future, as for a big sticker? yes we will make those as well. 4) When will touring for you guys begin, and who will you be touring with? Tim B Mark-Touring will start in June. Now that we are home we are steadily practicing. We are unsure who we will be going out with at this time, just keep checking www.chimaira.com for all the latest info. 5) So what’s the story on the hidden track on your EP… I’m sure there’s something to be told about that one… – “satan’s wizard” Mark-When we were recording This Present Darkness, we got a little slap happy one day during intense tracking. Ben Schigel of Sw1tched was producing the record and to lighten up the situation, he started acting like he was in Helloween and just went nuts. We recorded him with a video camera and just thought it would be amusing for you all to hear. He added the fake crowd noise, and the funny thing about that was people actually thought that was a real live show and that we acted like that -riiiiiiiiight. Ben also pronounced our name wrong intentionally during it, so now a lot of people think that is how we pronounce the band name -for the record it is kim-ear-ugh. 6) What’s up guys…My names rezin, I saw you guys in Detroit with Sepultura/Hatebreed…You guys made a hell of a first impression on me…I was just wondering how it was working with Stef from the Deftones? Did he teach you guys anything that you don’t already know? Can’t wait to see you fucks with Spineshank this summer…PEACE… -Deftones Teething Mark-Working with Stef was great, he really did not teach us anything, he just wanted to jam and that is what we did. 7) Hey guys, you’re great, just have a quick question. What do you guys think the main difference is between Pass out of Existence and This Present Darkness, music wise? Thanx guys, can’t wait to hear the new one. -Abomb Mark-The main difference is maturity. Together, with the help of Mudrock, we were able to grow and pull together as a band and try things we have never tried before. We know it has taken forever to get this record out, and we really wanted to make sure it was worth the wait. 8) My question is about the mood of the record. As I had heard from the song “dead inside” (which I first heard off of the Loud side sampler, forever ago) I noticed a true individualized intenseness, that was not only raw and mood-setting, but hit me in such a way that no other band has hit me before. I just want to know, does this song mark the true mood of the upcoming album? or is this merely a teaser, that only show’s a little bit of your true intensity, that we will hopefully hear on the album? thanks a bunch, hope to hear something back?—-Jon Mark-Well I would have to say that it is a teaser. There is one thing this record contains and that is intensity like you described. Dead inside is a great example, but it is not the only song like that. If you think about it, it could be one of the tamest songs on the record, it all depends on how you look at it. 9) Hey, what did you guys change in the new version of Sphere and Painting the White to Grey? Those were two of my favorite songs and I’m eagerly waiting to find out what’s been done to make em better… -Deepman Mark-We did not change much at all, Chris added some new gimmicks to it just to make it sound more like chimaira 2001 rather then chimaira 1999 10) I saw Chimaira play live last year in Newark, NJ at some really small, cramped venue called QXT’s. I was wondering how it feels to go from playing at places like this to then be put on Farmclub and eventually signed to Roadrunner, a major label. It must have affected the band in some way, be it musically or attitude-wise, because the change is so enormous and apparent. Later, Jarrett Mark-Nothing has changed us, we will still play clubs like that, we have more fun at small clubs anyway, it is more intense and more in your face. 11) Hey what’s goin on? I was just wondering what kind of tuning and equipment you guys use? Also you guys fucking rule. I used to live up in Akron two years and then I moved to Orlando and found out about you guys. I was so pissed to find out that you guys were Strongsville and I never heard of you guys. Well I wish you guys the best of luck and have a good time finishing the record. – Josh Mark-We tune low string to high a,e,a,d,g,b,e..we use ESP guitars and basses and Yamaha DG heads with Mesa Boogie Cabinets. Ampeg heads, SWR cabinets, Tama drums and Zildjian Cymbals, Roland and Korg electronics. 12) what is your ultimate goal as a band? -Metalhed2012 Mark-To get our music out to anyone that will listen and care. 13) Who is everybody’s individual favorite band on roadrunner? -J Koff Mark-Well since I can’t get a hold of anyone else in the band, I will lay it down the best I know. Hager-Fear Factory, Chris-Slipknot, Rob-Deicide, Andols-Machine Head, Me-Sepultura(with Max, although I love the new stuff too), Jim-Spineshank. It is very hard to pick a favorite. 14) first off i want to say you guys are awesome, and here’s my question – i heard you started a riot in Worcester and know you can’t play there unless you apologize. are you going to apologize cause i would really like to see you guys live -sonic the hedgehog Mark-Well as luck would have it, we no longer deal with the promoters that told us to apologize. We deal with their boss now, so we will play Mass again and no we will not apologize for something we should not apologize for. 15) I saw a picture of mark playing guitar. Does he contribute guitar riffs to the band? Also, How do the guitarist’s jump around on stage like that and still keep their riffs clean? When I jump around with my guitar, I tend to get sloppy! -Tom C Mark-Rob and I write 90% of the music for Chimaira. I am not sure how they pull it off, doing a lot of concerts I would imagine, there really is no secret. 16) I’m dying to see you guys live sometime, but if you could tour with any band, which one would you like to play with?? -Nick Mark-Although it will never happen, Alice In Chains, but any band that will let us get on the road with them would be a great honor to us. 17) What up?? This is Jon from the Cleveland based band FedUp. My question for the Chimaira boys is how did they go about getting such a heavy following around here. We’re doing all right, but we’re still having more friends show up than fans. Numbers are increasing, but we’re really not sure how to get new people to show up. We feel our music appeals very well to the whole hardcore scene, and just was wondering if there were any pointers that you could point out to another Cleveland band looking to make strides like you have. Thanks. -Fed Up Mark-The way we got our fanbase around here was simple. Give the people what they want, good music and for free. We also stayed away from the cliched things that Cleveland bands do, like worrying about getting in scene or playing with all the local favorites. We got out on our own, and we did everything on our own. We owe nothing to anyone but our fans from Cleveland, and we are proud of that. Once we started getting popular around the area a lot of big guns came into help like radio and Belkin, so we are grateful for that. Basically, get your music out to every one you can, and don’t worry about anything but that. Go to every show and just get your name out there, go to Columbus, and Toledo as well don’t just focus on your region. 18) I want to know what current bands Chimaira listens to? -Jon Mark-Once again, I will have to speak on what I see ‘God Forbid, Dragonheart, Nonpoint, Mudvayne, Fear Factory, Anyone, Mad Season, Tool, Sw1tched, Spineshank, Puya, Alice In Chains, In Flames, Shadow’s Fall, Hatebreed, Portishead, Twisted Sister, and about 500 others. 19) hey, I was just wondering if the rumors that Chimaira will be doing a few shows with Deftones this summer are true or not… -Brandon D Mark-You never know, although nothing is confirmed at this time, it would be a great honor to us. 20) Hey guys, what’s up? My name is Nate, I’m from Scarborough, ME. I started listening to your stuff last year…….I want to extend my congratulations to you on your signing to Roadrunner Records and your achievements in your music thus far. You guys are doing a kickass job and are providing a lot of inspiration to myself and my band Dysrhythm. I am totally looking forward to the Pass Out Of Existence Release at the end of August. My question is about the tracklisting on new album. Do you intend to include the song “TPD”? I know its not on the list on your website but I was just wondering what happened to it. I heard that song for the first time today, actually, from the live stuff you have on mp3.com…..I think it kicked total ass! So what is “TPD”‘s status in your set? Well, thanks for your time and music……..hope to see you live when you hit New England this fall!!!! Fan and fellow musician, Nate J Mark-We did not re record it because we think it sounds fine on the EP. The other songs however needed some work. We will always play Present live. 21) I listened to your demo for “Dead Inside” and I have to say that I’m looking forward to “Pass Out Of Existence” more than anything else right now, and that includes even the new albums from Slipknot and VOD. I was wondering what your musical influences are, because I picked up a death metal vibe when I first listened to “Dead,” but I heard a more hardcore sound when I checked your live MP3s. Nevertheless, it’s unexplainably good stuff. I was just hoping you could explain it. – Manikld Mark-We are really into death metal and hardcore, but we do not limit ourselves to just those styles when we write. You will hear a lot more when you listen to Pass Out then just typical hardcore/death metal, metal core whatever you want to call it. 22) Thanks for answering guys…I really appreciate your music too….it is madness. – How old were you when you started playing drums Andols? Definitely the best drummer I have ever heard. – Also andols…in Refuse to see….at approx. 50 – 53seconds in you have this real fat bad like slow hi hat type thing going…..i would stayed with that for a few more riffs then kicked in the fast beat…sounds mad….anyway thanks for your time keep on with the audible insanity. matt from australia. Andols-I started playing when I was 8, I am 21 now. Thank you for the compliment, but I do not agree when you say I am the best. 23) I heard that Rob the former singer from the Portland, Maine based band COLEPITZ was going to have a guest spot on the new Chimaira record. I have been a big fan of both bands for a couple of years and was wondering if there was any truth to this. Thanks – Steve Doody Mark-Rob came out to hang with us, but unfortunately there was not enough time to get him a guest spot. Fear not, he will be doing something with us in the future. 24) first you guys kick ass but i was wondering if you guys were considering or already scheduled to do either tattoo the earth or the pledge of allegiance tour? -Mohammad Ali Mark-We are not confirmed for anything at this time, when we know what is up, you will know what is up. You will see us a lot this year though, once we start touring, we do not plan on stopping for a while. 25) Why were songs like Silence, Gag, Refuse to See, and This Present Darkness dropped? Will Vexation still be there to open the album with? Will you guys still be playing these songs on the road? – dedicated fan, – Kapil G. of Hostile Mark-Those songs were not dropped, just written during periods of when we were finding ourselves as a band. The reason they are not on the new record is because we feel the songs on the new one are 1000 times stronger and better. Also, you already have all those songs, don’t you want knew ones anyway? hahah Mark-Thank you all for writing great questions, and for the amazing compliments. I hope you got the answers you were looking for. I also want to thank you on behalf of the rest of Chimaira for all of the love and support you have shown. See you on the road pass out of existence August 20th. Interesting Fact – to get the properly pissed attitude whilst recording vocals, Mark is “basically in a hole” as he describes. It is kind of the equivalent of being in a broom closet. Mark adds “no one can see me and I can’t see anybody. It’s a very good atmosphere to do vocals in.” This “hole” is equipped with a spit bucket. Apparently Mark spits a lot while singing, so the bucket was one luxury item he afforded himself to bring into the “hole” with him. Check out www.antimtv.com for some great live photos of the band shot at their show with Soulfly in Cleveland, Ohio in the US on March 4th.


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