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Unto Others


Posted on February 12, 2008

Street Teamer Aaron gives us his Critic of Bleeding Through‘s latest gig in preston. First band of the night were For My Anger with hardcore guitars and deep screaming vocals with the two singers harmonising in parts of songs. Next up were Elias Last Day a local preston band which got a great crowd reaction with the pit opening up and more people joining in it was a great set as they played a couple songs and some new songs they went off stage with a great crowd reaction and i hope they get the chance to play at the mill again to show how good they are. Cult Of Luna were up next with a awesome set all round playing a couple of songs the crowd weren’t really getting into it which i thought was a shame because these guys were awesome. I thought to myself that the reason there not liking it was because its not the type of music to mosh to its music you stand and listen to. As they went off stage people started to move to the front to watch Bleeding Through. As the starting of ‘ this was a fucking bomb for a few seconds this place was armageddon there was a fire fight ‘ the the pit just went crazy as i ran in losing my shoe people were going crazy.Standing at the front with an awesome view Brandan kept standing at the front barrier for people to sing into the microphone.At one point he threw the microphone into the crowd as people started grabbing it like mad people i grabbed it and roared the lyrics into it then Brandan got it back and carried on but then he had undone the clip holding the microphone to the lead as it fell onto the floor which was quite funny. Playing most songs off the This is love this is murderous like Love lost in a hail of gunfire , Sweet vampirous, number seven with a bullet , on wings of lead , this is love this is murderous , murder by numbers and revenge i seek. Which got the crowd really going and getting the pit to go mental with people running everywhere and just people going generally crazy. Also playing some new songs as brandan said ‘ if you guys love this new stuff you’ll love the new album ‘. As the guys went off the crowd started shouting ‘ one more song, one more song, one more song ‘ with that the guys and gal came back on and did one encore song with brandan standing on the barrier thanlking us and saying that they will be back sometime soon. With that an awesome night was over with Brandan and Marta coming to the barrier hugging and kissing fans on the cheek you could tell that the band really were thankful for all the support they got from the guys and gals in the crowd. After that people just dispersed to go home as me and a fellow street team member stood near the barrier we could see the band putting there own equipment away. So as i held out my album cover the guys were more than happy to come over the barrier and sign album covers and take photos with there fans as i stood there with three of the band members near me i thought these guys deserve to be heard in the metal world because they love their fans and also love to talk to them and play kick ass metalcore music. If you want to be a teamer like Aaron CLICK HERE


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