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And another one just in…

Posted on February 12, 2008

And the reviews keep rolling in… This time, Sasha from Deo2.com gives his two cents on Slipknot’s latest offering… “Slipknot: sonic expended sound, great album, new masks! There really was a serious doubt for a while that this album, the Slipknot’s third, might never get recorded. Solo projects and few other issues among the members appeared to be heading no place in particular. Then, the report started coming out that nothing was being recorded and it took the band a good month to get going. Well, the nine men crew have resolved whatever issues there might have been and made an album that is certainly – not only their best but probably – one of the finest metal albums you’ll hear this year. Recorded with Rick Ruben, it is a huge leap forward for the band and a real attempt to push the genre into new and interesting directions. Now, nine new masks are ready for Slipknot to unleash their biggest, baddest and best album yet: ‘Vol.3 (The Subliminal Verses)’. There are immense tracks here that can tear your world apart, there are also darker moments that will surprise you, and one comes wrapped in a Gothic-cloak, ‘Circle’ [that has a twisted ending], whilst the other one is more industrial ‘The Virus of Life’. Long before that, the opening ‘Prelude 3.0’ roars in on a haunting, sombre and restrained note that powerfully shocks and delights in equal dosage. There is more familiar territory being visited on ‘The Blister Exists’, ‘Duality’, ‘Opium Of The People’, ‘Before I Forget’ but even these sound cleaner, punchier and more brutal. There is savagery on ‘Pulse Of The Magotts’, chaos reigns on ‘Three Nil’, ‘The Nameless’ is the band’s finest moment to date with its startling dynamicsí¢ä‰åŒ_ Almost an hour of storm trooping highlights ends with a doom-laden minimalism of ‘Danger – Keep Away’. The whole album sounds sharper [than before], more focused and ready to take over the world. ‘Vol.3: (The Subliminal Verses)’ will please fans and force doubters to revise their fixed views of this mighty machine. Slipknot have always been a great band but have now made an album to back it up. Masterpiece? Near enough. 9/10 [The Limited Edition CD contains an online access key that unlocks an unreleased studio track, downloads, mixing console, exclusive video footage, access to the band, competitions and more from the band’s website.] * Slipknot play ONE-OFF show tonight, 24 May 2004, at Astoria, London SashaS 24-5-2004″


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