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An Instant Classic

Posted on February 12, 2008

In most honourable way, Killswitch Engage is currently touring in Japan. Many will come to hear the band play music from their most honorable upcoming May 11th release, The End Of Heartache. And speaking of said release, the good folk over at www.HitThePit.com have spoken. Their review is this upcoming KsE release is as follows: “Let’s face it, when Jessie left Killswitch Engage we all thought, “Well there goes another killer band!” Surprisingly, KsE was able to rebound and put forth a record that surpasses their previous works. Most of New England has been familiar with Howard Jones’ noted work in Blood Has Been Shed. But to the rest of the world he was basically an unknown dude that looks just like the lead singer from the Fine Young Cannibals. With The End Of Heartache, Howard will no longer live his life as an unknown. I am willing to bet his vocal work on “Rose Of Sharyn” alone will staple him on the minds of many metal heads worldwide. To sum it up…Jessie who? “One of the challenges associated with success is being able to follow up with material that is just as dynamic and moving. Having to add a new lead singer into the mix is a monumental task. Thankfully, KsE took their time and wrote 12 solid songs that each stand alone. Musically, TEOH is far more diverse than earlier works. The melody that KsE touched upon with “My Last Serenade” is magnified this time around. And the heavy parts with weaving riffs and plucky string whirlies are still apparent, only once again more deadly! Throughout the record extreme emotions are stuffed down your throat, all the while Howard pumps his own passion into the material. His charisma almost flows out of your speakers, especially during the opus “Rose Of Sharyn.” The lines, “It won’t be long we’ll meet again your memory is never passing. It won’t be long we’ll meet again, my love for you is ever lasting,” will move you enough to have the hairs on your neck stand straight up! “”Breath Life” is fuckin METAL! The guitars fly, the vocals bark like only Howard can. If you like the old Blood Has Been Shed shit, and the Overcast works, then this song is the perfect ode to their past. You can hear both bands, and the KsE influences. One of the best metal/hardcore efforts of the year. “”World Ablaze” is a song that taps the anger vein. Gigantic riffs and screams push this effort! Think Hatebreed riffs meets Killswitch Engage versatility! It is a diabolical effort that oozes with emotion and angst! “I have no doubt that “Rose Of Sharyn” is going to push this band to the stratosphere in popularity! Simply put, it is an amazing song that reminded me why I love this kind of music. Every element that you could ask for in a song is apparent. A myriad of sound and emotion is articulately crafted by Dutkiewicz to create a song that will be the means by which this band will be judged in the future. In conclusion, The End Of Heartache is a musical catharsis that demands to be heard! “Pit Scale: 10, an instant classic! Suggested Tracks: “A Bid Farewell”, “Take This Oath”, “Rose Of Sharyn”, “Breathe Life”, “The End Of Heartache”, “World Ablaze””


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