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Knee Deep in questions

Posted on February 12, 2008

DevilDriver recently made two landmark appearences in the UK- their first ever supporting In Flames at the London Astoria, and their first ever headline show at the Underworld.

We caught up with the guys to find out more about what makes them tick...

Which bands first got you into metal?
DEZ: Motorhead. Period.

You have spoken about DevilDriver being a result of your need to 'follow your passion [for] brutal, extreme music'. Which bands would you say are the biggest influences behind DevilDriver?
DEZ: Jonny Cash
Superjoint Ritual
Everything between Billy Holiday and Black Metal!!!!!

For the musicians out there, give us a quick run through your kit.

Have you ever really dreamed you were dead and if so how did you meet your untimely demise?
DEZ: Yes I did- wrote a song about it! How did I die? I believe it was a plane crash.

Have you read 'The Satanic Bible' and if so, what do you think of LaVey's philosophies?
DEZ: LaVey is a great man.

Who do you wish was dead?
DEZ: There is one person, but I am not going to name them.

Which is the most interesting place you have visited so far on this euro tour, and which had the most insane crowd?
MILLER: London is really cool…
BOECKLIN: Cologne had an insane fucking crowd…
MILLER: yeah Cologne!

Dave Mclaine (Machine Head) likes Justin Timberlake Mark Hunter (Chimaira) likes Prince and Joey Jordison (Slipknot) likes Fleetwood Mac. Which bands are you into that your fans would not expect?
MILLER: Enya (ed- seriously?)Ah yeah. I wanna swim with dolphins!
BOECKLIN: Michael Jackson (but only the Bad and Thriller albums) and Blue Man Group. (ed- who??!) They are men with blue faces and pipes!

Check out the PHOTO GALLERY for shots of their Astoria set.

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