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The Ultimate Motocross Experience

Posted on February 12, 2008

So, May 24th is the release date. April 30th is the start of the US tour. BUT, when are you going to start hearing new music from Slipknot? Technically, the first chance you will have to hear any new Slipknot will be off a video game. The upcoming PS2 game MTX: Mototrax will contain an early recording of a song titled "Don't Get Close".

Also included in the game is an unreleased instrumental version of “The Heretic Anthem” and the “Wait And Bleed,” along with 21 other vocal tracks and 12 instrumental tracks to fuel the fast-paced racing and freestyle action in the game (how is THAT for wording?). Players can choose to have an instrumental soundtrack, one with vocals or a combination of the two.

Outside of Slipknot, some of the featured artists and tracks on MTX: Mototrax are:

A.F.I. – “The Nephilim”
Black Label Society – “Doomsday Jesus”
The Descendents – “Everything Sucks Today”
The Distillers – “Dismantle Me”
Disturbed – “Intoxication”
Dope – “Burn”
Faith No More – “Digging The Grave”
Jet – “Take It Or Leave It”
Metallica – “Motorbreath”
The Misfits – “20 Eyes”
Pennywise – “Now I Know”
The Stooges – “Funhouse”
Thrice – “Artist In The Ambulance”

note to you: A three-minute Slipknot video will be included in MTX: Mototrax as well as a secret character and bike designed by the band. A special cheat code to unlock the secret character will be placed on the band's upcoming album.

one last note: new Slipknot music outside of the game coming sooner than you'll see Slipknot live.

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