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Getting Into The 'Strange Generation'

Posted on February 12, 2008

So the awesome new Dirty Americans album 'Strange Generation' is now out! Have you picked it up yet?

Myron and the guys thought you might like to know a little bit of history to the songs... what inspired them and what they are really about... and so they sent in this little breakdown!

Dead Man
Written when we started to realize that Americans were going to come home in body bags because of all the unrest in the Middle East. The song follows a soldiers frantic last breaths, in disbelief that his life will end in the next few minutes..."Mama can I see you now, before I have to lay down, for the last time."

Car Crash
Everyone can identify with that one relationship that must have been born in the darkest depths of hades. A common misconception about the chorus..."Your love is like a cock rash" that's a bad relationship, it doesn't get worse than that.

Strange Generation
Just coming off a year of touring the US and UK hardcore, Workhorse broke up and needed to do something productive to pass the time until Dirty Americans was up and running and the new album was written. I took a long term substitute teaching job at a school near a new house I had just bought about 3 hours north of Detroit in the middle of nowhere. The song covers what a bizarre turn it was to go from the hurricane of touring to teaching Human Anatomy and Biology. I went from starting riots with 16 year old fans all over the world to teaching them about the reproductive strange!!!

No Rest
Deals with how tough it is leaving the woman you love behind to pursue a musical fantasy.

Burn You Down
Lots of roads a girl (or boy) can choose to go down. Some are more destructive than others

Time In Space
Being away from the one you love is hard. Being lost in space indefinitely is harder.

Give It Up
No one can say they didn't see it coming. But some people get out of the way, and some people let "it" run them over. Girls, drugs whatever.

Deep End
Break up sex........

One sided relationships that shouldn't last, but there's never a good enough reason to split up. That situation always leads to misery for the one that actually is in love and being controlled by the other.

Way To Go
I was astounded at the number of young girls that were having babies at the school I started teaching at and what a long road they had ahead of them.

We had a few days off in the middle of a Workhorse tour out West, so we detoured through a small town in California called Chico. We set up and played two insane, tripped out nights in a row. After the second night of uncontrolled drinking, I nearly suffered the same fate as John Bonham/Jimi Hendrix... cause of death... drowning. Thanks to Cornbread and a few heavy slugs to the back, I dodged a very large bullet that night.

Light Headed
"I feel much better now that I've been run into the ground." You're stuck with that evil girl for one reason and one reason only...the sex. Who doesn't know what I'm talking about.

We Were Young
It is what it is...a hazy memory of a perfect day.

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