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Who Is... Caliban (Pt 3)

Posted on February 12, 2008

Denis Schmidt


Guitars, clean vocals

All time favourite record?
Metallica - Master of Puppets

Greatest experience on tour?
Beast Feast Show in Japan

Most horrible experience on tour?
Stopping touring due to 9/11

Most embarrassing moment that ever happened to you on stage?
Playing almost a minute of a different song than the rest of the band

Do you have any sort of ritual before going on stage?

With which band would you love to tour with?

If I couldn't be a musician, I would work as...
A printer

Best advice you ever heard?
Quit your job

With which famous person (alive or dead) would you love to spend some time and why?
Klaus Kinski, I bet you can discuss things with him for a long time

What's one thing you would like to achieve in life?
To live a healthy life without worries

Last Words:
Believe in yourself

In other Caliban news, the band are set to shoot a video in Berlin, Germany next week on August 26/27. We hope to have some photos from the shoot to show you soon after, so keep an eye out!

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