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Posted on February 12, 2008

The latest snippets on Theory Of A Deadman? 1) The band have a covermount CD track on Metal Hammer (7/11). 2) As of September 29th, the band's run of tour dates in the USA with Nickelback is done. 3) Check out Metal Hammer's Nov issue out Oct 7 for a 'Check Em Out' piece on the band. 4) Don't miss Classic Rock (Nov issue) for a Future Classic feature. 5) Watch out for a band feature in Powerplay magazine coming up soon in their November issue.

Last night (Aug 29th) the MTV Video Music Awards took place. Tyler from Theory Of A Deadman was in NYC last night, as "Hero" was up for best video from a film. Tyler, along with Josey (Saliva) - both of who were in the "Hero" video with Chad Kroeger - attended the show...along with Elias (Roadrunner Records). Random Fact: Elias' seat for the show was 604E. What the hell does that mean? Well, technically Theory Of A Deadman is signed to 604 Records (Chad's imprint on Roadrunner...604 happens to be an area code in Canada). As for the 'E,' well that's Elias' nickname - 'E' (very original, yes). A sign? Maybe so - if you believe in that sort of shit. BUT, "Hero" did indeed win the award for best video from a film - that film being Spider-Man...but, of course. Congratulations to all involved in the making of the "Hero" video...

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