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Posted on February 12, 2008

Buy it or we'll kick your teeth in, says Mark, Chimaira's vocalist.

"Yo amigos... so the record comes out today!! I know you are all going to rush to the store and pick it up right? Or do we have to come over there and kick your teeth in first??! Let me tell you how this tour with our sorta label mates Lamb Of God is is brutal! We are tearing the crowd's a new asshole! Have not been getting that drunk as of late, we needed some rest after that week of mayhem.
We are so proud of this new record, and we know you will all LOVE it. Only 2 weeks and we will be there, we are so pumped you have no idea!
For a change the press has been really nice to us, and expect to see us in your favorite mags soon...shit, expect to see us in person soon!!
Can't wait to meet you all and tear it up on the stage till then..."


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