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So You Want Rare Stuff

Posted on February 12, 2008

Have you ever checked out the STORE section on the site?

It's where we list all the stray rare/special items such as posters, CDs, keyrings, stickers and so forth. We even add a few signed things in there from time to time.. mind you, everything listed there is very limited, so it's always first come, first serve! Even had a few Nickelback & Slipknot signed things in there a while back doncha know.

At the moment, you can find signed goodies from the likes of Machine Head, Sepultura & Downthesun not to mention rare promo items for Nickelback, Slipknot, Murderdolls, Stone Sour.. in fact, more than a dozen RR acts.

If you've been emailing us looking for posters of your favourite RR act... your search is over. Posters for almost every band available too. None of which you'll be able to buy in your local shop!

With most items priced for only a coupla quid, you better be quick!

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