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Posted on April 12, 2011

A little over 10 days ago, KoЯn posted a snippet of a new track the band are working on- Get Up- featuring former From First To Last vocalist turned electro house, dubstep master Skrillex and over at Artist Direct you can read an interview with Jonathan Davis which gives a great insight into just where this unexpected collaboration stems from.

"I started [DJ'ing] when I was 16-years-old." he tells AD, "Growing up in Bakersfield, I worked for a sound company, and we used to DJ parties, high school dances, and shit like that. I started out with The Baka Boyz, Eric and Nick Vidal and Choc who were all on Power 106 in LA...they're amazing DJs. I grew up watching them and learning from them. I used to battle Choc all of the time. ...I've been in it a long time. When I got into Korn, that pretty much stopped for awhile. I decided I wanted to get back into it again".

You can read the full interview at this location and if you are yet to hear the taster of 'Get Up' that Korn posted, you can check that out by pointing your mouse in this direction.

Current Korn offering Korn III- Remember Who You Are is available online at and iTunes.

More on 'Get Up' as soon as we have it!


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