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Posted on September 16, 2011

Coinciding with the eponymously-titled 7th studio album from, STAIND, YouTube are premiering their documentary “The Making of Staind”. The documentary reveals the tension within the group that nearly caused the breakup of the band during the making of their new album. “It’s painful for me to even watch,” admits STAIND singer Aaron Lewis. Shortly after the finishing the album, drummer Jon Wysocki departed the band.

Jay Nanda, from Examiner.com, interviewed Aaron Lewis recently and posted that interview online today. He questioned the singer about the album and touched on the documentary – see below for an extract from that interview:

Q: What made the making of this album more tense than the previous ones?í¢ä‰åŒÂ

A: Well, there was a lot of internal stuff with the band. I was out on tour as a solo artist promoting my solo record, and I was trying to be a dad while making that Staind record. It was definitely a circus atmosphere.

Q: No matter how good or heavy this album is or how well it’s received, is there a part of you that feels it came at a cost given Jon’s departure?

í¢ä‰åŒÂA: You know, I don’t know. I don’t know if that would’ve happened anyway.

Q: On the documentary, you talk about the song Wannabe and how you felt you needed to rap the first couple verses about addressing fan critics and haters. What was the thought process for doing that on a part that may have called for a heavy expression of anger?í¢ä‰åŒÂ

A: Well, if you remember on the DVD, I had said that I either had to scream it for the entire song or rap it in some way. It turned into a rap merely by accident. We were trying to come up with something different. I was sitting there, and the first line came, and we all laughed our ass off. And the next line came, and we laughed. That song was the only fun time during the entire recording process for me. It was the only time me and (producer) Johnny K were laughing the whole time, and it was all because of this song. Could I have screamed something? Yeah. Could I have come up with something different? Yeah. I’m certainly not trying to crack the rap genre. It just came out that way.

Q: So I had to watch the documentary a second time after it became obvious the first time how frustrating this process was for you. I went back and counted the number of F-bombs you used. Wanna take a guess?

í¢ä‰åŒÂA: How many times I said “fuck” on the documentary?í¢ä‰åŒÂYes.í¢ä‰åŒÂA: 138.í¢ä‰åŒÂActually, I counted 94. But I have to say my favorite was when you called Johnny K a fuck-wad.í¢ä‰åŒÂ(Laughs) All that kind of stuff is amazing because it’s amazing what editing can do. You know, when I’m all over Johnny K and like, ‘Shut the fuck up, and go do what you were doing’ — that’s all tongue-in-cheek. That’s just how we talk. I wasn’t mad at him all the time.

You can read the full interview HERE. The new, self-titled, seventh studio album by STAIND will be released on September the 19th. Described by singer/songwriter/guitarist Aaron Lewis as “the heaviest collection of songs the band has ever done”, ‘Staind’ is a return to their hardest rock roots. In stark contrast to the struggle the band endured recording the album, the debut single “Not Again” has been the fastest rising single of the band’s career and is currently the #1 Active Rock Radio single in the US.

You can pre-order the special edition album that features the above film at THIS LOCATION.


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