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Dana Dentata


Posted on September 2, 2008

KIDS IN GLASS HOUSES will be shooting their new video for upcoming single FISTICUFFS this coming Saturday (SEPTEMBER 6TH) and would like YOU, their fans, to come along and get involved! Vocalist Aled has posted the following blog on their MySpace with full instructions on how to get in on the action:

calling all local talent (and travelling international talent)

we’re filming a video for ‘FISTICUFFS’, THIS SATURDAY! that’s september the 6th to those with calendars. it’s being filmed at a secret location in our native south wales. there’s no big production or big concept. there’ll be no exchanging of numbers, girls in my bed, time travelling, precarious 1980s genital exposure or fancy dress parties. phil will still be dressed as george michael, but that has nothing to do with anything except his own personal style and preference and i urge you to accept and love it. it’s just going to be us kicking off. you kicking off. general kicking of the ‘off’ variety.

the venue is small so the number of people allowed in will be limited. thus, our cunning record label have brainstormed and, with SAS like organisation and foresight, they’ve orchestrated the following 2 point plan. read slowly, it’s a toughie.

STEP 1:>br> compose email to rrguest@roadrunnerrecords.co.uk.
include your full name, age and myspace address in the email and click ‘send’

pheeeew. now wipe your brow, marine. mission objective complete. you’ll receive the location and further details in the response email along with a new identity and a victoria cross for services to us.

please don’t apply if you can’t get to wales or have no intention of going. you’ll only prevent some budding star of stage and screen from getting their foot on the ladder and having the best saturday afternoon since roy walker’s catchphrase was cancelled. it’s good, but it’s not right.

ok. are we all good with this plan?

the basic premise is that we’ll be running through the song to a backing track (as per video) a few times and you’ll be required to run around relentlessly until you bleed or die. after the formality of miming and backing tracks are done (provided you’re still alive), we’ll play a bit of a live set and have some fun. yay. fun! all we ask is that you’re free between 11am and 5pm on the day. c’est simple.

this is our diy, sweatbox video, friends. we’re relying on YOU. we don’t need people to stand and look pretty and cool and collected. we need you to look desparate, confused and hysterical and have a visibly good time as if you were all the girl katy perry kissed and liked.

it’s pretty easy. see you saturday!

aled xxx

ps. the reason it’s in wales is because we’re welsh. we live here. we’ve never had the chance to film a video here before now.
pps. by secret location…i mean ‘major city’ with accessible train station 2 minute walk from secret location 😉

FISTICUFFS is taken from the guys’ debut album SMART CASUAL which is in sotes NOW! You can pick it up online by pointing your mouse HERE


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