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Posted on February 12, 2008

Yesterday saw the release of Calibans latest album The Undying Darkness. To find out more about the release why not check out the ECARD. In the meanwhile we have part 4 of an indepth Q&A with the band. Name? Andy D퀌_rner – Vocals Instrument? Vocals How were the recording sessions for the new album? Great! Word associations: Caliban í¢ä‰åäóì Life Music í¢ä‰åäóì Always there Simpsons í¢ä‰åäóì Yellow Denis – Farting Marc í¢ä‰åäóì Engine Marco í¢ä‰åäóì Cuddly Patrick í¢ä‰åäóì Full of life, no party without him. Anders Friden í¢ä‰åäóì Favourite Swede Roadrunner í¢ä‰åäóì Family Cheese – Yummy Juice – Healthy Internet – I hate it “The Undying Darkness” í¢ä‰åäóì Killer Sport í¢ä‰åäóì Kills Videogames í¢ä‰åäóì Help to relieve aggression Beer í¢ä‰åäóì Oh yes, 10 please Robbie Williams – Great entertainer Hardcore í¢ä‰åäóì Life itself Tokyo Hotel í¢ä‰åäóì Sad Live-Shows í¢ä‰åäóì The best (most of the time) Spongebob – That’s a no-go Has your life changed since you have become a German rock star? Penthouse, pool, sauna, hookers, drugs í¢ä‰åŒ_ no, not really. What’s the first thing you do after waking up in the morning? Cursing that I am awake again. Your favorite joke? Two hunters meet í¢ä‰åŒ_ both dead. Your favorite website other than calibanmetal.com and roadrunnerrecords.co.uk? Fucking MySpace. Best 2005 Album? No clue, the Still Remains album was tight, the Chimaira and Sigur Ros records tooí¢ä‰åŒ_ Best 2005 movie? Sin City Best 2005 TV show? Family Guy What got on your nerves the most in 2005? The Weather Your favorite animal? Cats Your favorite plant? Dandelion Clock. Longest time you have ever been awake nonstop? 48hours can’t remember why. If you had to live on a secluded island for 5 years, which 3 things would you bring along? And why? A woman, water, wine – fun, survival, pleasure Complete the following sentences: Caliban rocks because í¢ä‰åŒ_ we are the coolest, true emotions, 90 minute hardcore. Did you know that í¢ä‰åŒ_ A rolling stone doesn’t gather moss If the word “if” didn’t exist then í¢ä‰åŒ_ well, what would happen then? Back in the day everything was better because í¢ä‰åŒ_ it’s a fact. I watched “Titanic” in the theater because í¢ä‰åŒ_ nope Singers are all í¢ä‰åŒ_ crazy Guitarists are allí¢ä‰åŒ_ stressed Drummers are all í¢ä‰åŒ_ drunk Bassists are all í¢ä‰åŒ_ no comment Coffee or tea? Coffee Are you superstitious? A little Why did you get into music? Didn’t have anything better to do. When you were 16 did you expect to be what you are now at 29? I’ll be 29 soon and when I was 16 I didn’t think much about today but I am contentí¢ä‰åŒ_ What does a day in your life without Caliban look like? Chilling, friends, partyí¢ä‰åŒ_ Construct a sentence containing the following words: Caliban, hell, Saturday, tiger claw & tasty. From the depths of hell the tiger claw screamed í¢ä‰å_Saturday we’ll have Caliban for breakfast, how tasty!í¢ä‰åŒ Have you ever cancelled band practice because you didn’t feel like it? What was your excuse? Who hasn’t í¢ä‰åŒ_ I’m sick. Which song from your new record do you like best? Nothing Is Forever, Sick of Running Away. Ask yourself a question and answer it: Q: Why? A: Because! Do you believe in conspiracy? Yep Are you a neat freak? Yep Which CD is currently playing in your CD-player? Lamb Can you cook? Do you enjoy it? Yep, sometimes more, sometimes less… On which things do you like to spend your money on? Movies, pain killers, fun. Is there anything you always wanted to do but never dared to? A couple of things. Is there anything you are ashamed of but are afraid of telling anyone? I wouldn’t say on here. REMEMBER: Caliban – The Undying Darkness – OUT NOW


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