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Posted on February 12, 2008

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has been interviewed by Malaysia’s The Star Online, check out the excerpts below:

On touring with HEAVEN AND HELL (which is actually the version of BLACK SABBATH featuring singer Ronnie James Dio):

“A lot of people thought this package would attract a BLACK SABBATH audience with pockets of MEGADETH fans doing their mosh pits. But it hasn't been like that. From where I stand in front of the stage — only the drummer has a better view, because he's slightly higher — I'm seeing a surprising number of young people. And for whatever reason, more girls than at your typical heavy metal concert.”

On undergoing 18 months of physical therapy after developing a serious nerve disorder in 2002:

“Even though rebellion is a young man's game, I still respond to the 'put up or shut up' challenge. I just saw a video in which an established artist was obviously spoofing a new star, and it just made him look bitter and jealous. That's not me. I don't have any resentment toward the bands we're passing the baton to. But it did make me sit up and realize that if I still wanted to be in the race, I'd better start running.”

On the new MEGADETH CD, “United Abominations“, which contains enough vintage fury to please the faithful:

“I grew up full of anger until people finally loved me into right thinking. I no longer have that to tap into, but when you look around, there's plenty to be angry about.”

On the fact that the need for speed among the newer MEGADETH members (guitarist Glen Drover, bassist James Lomenzo and drummer Shawn Drover) may exceed his own:

“If the Drover brothers had their way, the record would be even faster. But I'm built for comfort more than speed. I'd rather ride in a really slow Mercedes than a really fast Volkswagen.”

Read the entire interview here.



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