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Through The Ashes Of Glasgow

Posted on February 12, 2008

Best night of your lives? Machine Head, Glasgow. shotgunblast1: “Just got back from what was probably the single best night i’ve had this year…i’m still running from the adrenaline from the gig so i’ll try to make this a good review… First and foremost i met the band, got my flags and cd covers signed plus some Dirt style pics of me with Dave, Phil, Adam and Robb (you can see shotgunblast1’s pics & comments on the support acts HERE) Finally the lights went out and through drunken cheers, Machine Head’s opening theme began and continued for what seemed to me like ten minutes but was probably closer to 30 seconds, then the stage lit up showcasing a massive banner showing the front cover of TTAOE, in the centre of which was Dave McClain’s elevated drum kit and to either side of this were 8-foot high MH diamonds and various amps. The band then took to the stage and the opening chords of IMPERIUM rang out through the whole venue, Imperium was perfection, the crowd went from calm to chaotic and back again with every tempo change, the sound was incredible and everyone was shouting along. After a brief ‘hello Glaswegians’ from the Robb the unmistakable harmonics of TAKE MY SCARS encouraged a deafening roar from the front part of the crowd before the guitars kicked in and madness ensued, this continued from the end part of the intro until the bridge where Robb’s solo was simply stunning, even Phil looked impressed. At this point weaker members of the crowd left the ‘pit’ and Robb asked who was drinking in the crowd which led to his usual introduction of THE BLOOD, THE SWEAT, THE TEARS which induced four or five small circle pits to open around me, after the first chorus these became one massive circle pit. The crowd hardly had time to catch a breath before Robb had explained the next song was from BME, this was followed by a deafening roar from the crowd and the opening notes of NONE BUT MY OWN, a song which gave the crowd chance to cool down during the verses and raise hell in the chorus and breakdown, and if anything it raised the intensity of the pit formed during TBTSTT just by the sheer contrast shown in different parts of the song. The pit unfortunately dissipated when the music box introduction of LEFT UNFINISHED started up, which received a surprisingly loud cheer from the crowd who swayed and sang along to the chorus whilst the verses seemed distant and with the exception of the fast part near the end, acquired much less of a reaction from the crowd. With no hesitation whatsoever the band thundered their way through TREPHINATION which had much the same effect on the crowd nd myself as the previous song, not to say that this was a bad thing, as it provided much needed respite from a largely energy draining set. Good show structure came into play at this point as just when i was thinking of moving out of the centre in search of some cool air, THE BURNING RED began giving the crowd a chance to cool down and catch their breath, to the gentle chords and haunting melody several lighters ignited round the hall and swayed to the infectious rhythm before disappearing in the sweaty haze gently hovering over the masses. Now that the crowd had had time to recooperate, feedback drowned the hall and the unique drumbeat of IN THE PRESENCE OF MY ENEMIES began, live this is a different song, it has an awesome ferocity that had the crowd in the palm of it’s hand for it’s entirity…i even remember thinking the riff near the end, after the solo was the single, most metal riff i’d ever heard. the lead was perfect, Phil seems so at home in Machine Head it’s almost as if he’s been there forever, him and Robb were constantly side by side, Status Quo style headbanging in unison and the mass sing along of “On your grave…” was extremely powerful and gave the song an added something that just made it altogether breathtaking. Before ITPOME Robb asked for a circle pit, we gave him one, afterwards he said that it was the largest circle pit he’d seen all tour. He went on to announce that “This is a song from our first record, Dave on the drums and Adam on the bass are gonna start it for yas…” exclaimed Robb before the brilliantly constructed intro to BLOOD FOR BLOOD echoed and screeched through the PA system, when the main riff began the crowd lost all composure and chaos reigned supreme, definitely one of the highlights of the night. Robb then exclimed that they were going to play the opening track from TMTC-half the crowd cheered-followed by the opening riff of TEN TON HAMMER which was answered by a much louder cheer from the crowd, this seemed to catch Adam off guard because he looked up in a dazed look of confusion from his usual permanent look of forceful aggression. The sheer power and drive behind TTH live is awesome to say the least and this was reflected in the crowds reaction which involved another large circle pit evolving in the centre of the hall…the lights went out and almost immediately Machine Fucking Head was being chanted by every mofo in the house. The lights and Machine Head returned this time with two acoustic guitars proudly adorning the stage, after a brief introduction in which Robb dedicated the song to people who like to ‘smoke a bit of weed, grab a beer and chill out to some good music’ Phil strummed the first chords of DESCEND THE SHADES OF NIGHT, which sounds unbelievable live. The lead was awesome, better than even on the cd and Robb’s voice complimented the guitar perfectly. At this point i got very, very excited…i knew what was coming next, DAVIDIAN…i don’t remember too much of it because i went fucking crazy, and i’ve never shouted so loud in my life…my throat still hurts now…five hours later…and Phil’s new lead is just as appropriate if not moreso than the original. One of the guitarists from Sikth played on Davidian which meant Robb had the freedom of the stage, which he used expertly to whip the crowd up into the largest circle pit of the night so far. The next song Machine Head played was Sepultura’s TERRITORY, which i thought was fucking great…they got it exactly right but it seemed unappreciated by most of the crowd. Next up was Metallica’s CREEPING DEATH, which was well received by everyone, and you could tell at this point MH were fucking loving it. Phil then went on to play a section of a Judas Priest song, which Robb thought was hilarious. They then played a very famous Iron Maiden song…the name of which escapes me, before halfway through stopping and going into Iron Maiden’s NUMBER OF THE BEAST. Robb then brought all the support bands onstage before announcing that their next song was their last and that Glasgow concerts havn’t changed since they came on the BME tour, that’s why they love it here so much…Dave and Adam then exploded into the intro of BLOCK, and Robb instructed the whole crowd to form a circle pit…wall to wall, then it went fucking mental when the guitars came in, i sang every fucking word through being elbowed in the teeth and falling onto a heap of people on the floor, but that’s what made it so fucking good…it was the perfect way to conclude a perfect night…far better than two years ago in support of Supercharger, there is no doubt in my mind when i give the gig a rating of 10/10 and i firmly believe that Machine Head is the best heavy live band in the world…long live Machine Head.” theograth: “I confess, I had only heard a few of the older MH songs before going to this gig and have only got one album (Through The Ashes Of Empires) but I’m totally hooked. I would not hesitate in paying to see them again. We certainly got our money’s worth and more. It’s not often you see a band who genuinly seem thankful to the crowd but MH without a doubt are.” Perratt:”Those Machine Head ‘Diamonds’ were amazing! I was stood with my mate wondering what they were, then just before Sikth came on I hear hit shout “Fuckin hell, their halfstacks! How did I not see that?!’ if you looked closely it was 4 halfstacks put together a kinda 45 degree angle to the right. Never seen anything like it before, I was well impressed. As far as MH are concerned – AWESOME. One of my best gigs. I was right down the front until I literally thought I was having an asthma attack so had to get out. Then as I just get out of the crowd, what does Rob say? ‘This is BLOOD FOR BLOOD!’…just my fucking luck. Although if I had stayed in the crowd I’d probably of collapsed! The highlight for me was probably Ten Ton Hammer or hearing the entire crowd shout ‘HEAR ME NOW!’ at the start of Imperium. The whole band was one fire but Dave was unbelievably immense. Overall it was amazing. It was a great night!” StevenCaZ: “I was right at the front, with red spikes… and all I can say is, oh my fucking god. Imperium was word for word, note for note, perfect… and It even made me set in stone my belief that it’s pantera style breakdown is the best riff they’ve ever done. The blood the sweat the tears was one of 4 songs I was seriously looking forward to on the night. Imperium was the first, the blood the sweat the tears was in-fucking-sane, everyone around me and me went crazy. Left unfinished was odd, but very very cool all the same. TEN TON FUCKING HAMMER as said before, this song is just simply increadable live. In-fucking sane, and as my third most loking forward to song, it didn’t dissapoint! The encore was so goddam cool, with the covers of maiden, sepultura and metallica. BUT the single song i was looking forward to the most, rocked my socks off, davidian, what can I say, in fact, I think it would be more appropriate if I just didn’t say anything, the little riff at the start is just so insane, and the pit to it was insane. The circle pit for block is the single biggest circle pit Ive ever seen, oh my god, seriously. All in all, there’s no doubt in my mind, this is the greatest band and indeed gig I’ve ever been to in my life and I’ll be fortunate if anything ever surpasses it. Machine head ARE the best metal, live band, on the go at the moment. LONG LIVE MACHINE FUCKIN’ HEAD!” scottishmachineheadchic: “OH MY FUCK*N god that has got to be one of the best gig i have ever been to in my life!!!!!!!!!!! From start to finish, just totally amazing. First time seeing machine head, but a big fan, they just blew me away-I didnt want them to finish, although as i was right at the front, my legs were killing me and i was soaking!! sooooo worth it tho!! i got 2 plectrums and a set list aswell(thank u to the security gaurd tht got me the setlist btw+the roadie that gave me a bottle of water as i was dying!) Loved the “im bruce dickinson, goodnight” line from rob after the maiden songs(classic!) and soooooo wish i had a lighter when they played descend. so glad i was there!” StivMcLMachinehead1666: “omfg……that was prob the best night of my life….machine head were fecking great!!!!!i broke my nose and fecked ma back and neck from headbanging…” Have you checked out our live photos of the tour yet? Check em out in the Machine Head PHOTO GALLERY.


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