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Posted on February 12, 2008

This weekend saw ROADRUNNER take over DOWNLOAD. With double the amount of artists than any other label, 10 in total, this years Download festival was destined for great things from the offset. In addition to this it was the first year that the festival completely sold out. (I’d personally like to think this had something to do with amount of roadrunner bands, but hey, I’m slightly biased) The bands were as follows: WEDNESDAY 13 TRIVIUM SLIPKNOT KILLSWITCH ENGAGE CHIMAIRA CALIBAN 3 INCHES OF BLOOD STILL REMAINS EVERYTIME I DIE OPEN HAND Although initially marked as playing on the Napster stage, Trivium were moved up to the Main Stage, this was arguably the best decision made by mankind ever. Although it was an early slot (11am), the Main Stage was packed and kids were literally sprinting to get to the stage. (For some of them it seemed this was the most amount of exercise they have ever exerted in their entire lives). The band totally dominated the crowd and the stage, and when Matt (singer) uttered the fatal words “I wanna see mother fuckin’ circle pits” all hell broke loose. If you missed it, you truly missed out. It was the most mental crowd i’ve ever seen, but then I saw Caliban. This was truly a site to behold, the band were amazingly tight, and full of energy. However, the highlight was when the band unleashed their signature “wall of death”. For those who are unfamiliar with this, it basically involves the audience splitting into two sides and then running at each other at great speed. Although i’ve seen this before this time the entire crowd did it. Despite the tent being completely rammed all of a sudden there was a line from the front to the back of the tent were the kids had separated into two crowds. As Andy (lead singer) counted down you see the excitement building on peoples faces. The tune dropped and so did many of us. The entire tent became a huge pit a sea of flying bodies. Fuckin’ A. More updates on the events at download tomorrow. If you’ve got any great download pics, why not share with us, simply send them to US


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