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Posted on February 12, 2008

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine likes to keep the fans informed, he has posted a message under the ‘Forums’ section of their official website:

“I am back on solid ground in my little house in San Diego Co. after a long and very bizarre promotional trip to London, Paris, and Cologne. The verdict is in and Caesar sez:

“Besides the incessant emails going back in forth completing the mundane parts of releasing a record, the last ten days were filled with meeting old friends, and greeting new faces.

“And then there was Air India (I know . . . I should have known when they booked it) losing my guitar and us missing our connection home because they had to let every mosquito (real bugs) in London into the plane before we left.

“So, today is going to be a 'unwinding from the trip/get ready for the tour' kinda day; that and soaking in Witch Hazel for the rest of the day. Sounds like a new lyric?! 🙂

“I will spew more later, but suffice to say, I confirmed a bunch of tour dates while we were gone, and if you live in Canada, the United States, or Europe you will be seeing us before this summer is over.

“By the time we are done getting completely immersed in metal with Ronnie (Dio) and Tony (Iommi) for a while, we'll be ready to start heading out internationally again. Look for dates on the 'Killing Road' over at the www.megadeth.com site!

“Sadly, there will not be any footage of 'The Making Of United Abominations' included yet, because someone is playing games with management, the band, and the record company. Nothing quite as self-sabotaging as getting yourself ostracized when everything is going great, eh? Charlotte's web said it best. 'Some pig!'

“And one last thing, to all of the kind journalists (which leaves the barfbag in Paris out); thank you for the good time! I don't remember ever getting to laugh while doing interviews, and I am so very happy you like the record. 🙂

“[puts on 'Ballroom Blitz' and grabs my 'Mr. Microphone' from the '70s and proceeds to butcher the words]

“'Are you ready Glen . . . 'oh kay' . . . James, 'uh, huh' . . . Shawn?!?!? . . . 'Ready!' . . . Alright fellas . . . well, let's goooooooooooooo!'”



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