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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

As I’m sure you are ALL aware ROADRAGE is here. The tour that has brought you the likes of Chimaira, Ill Nino & Spineshank now brings you Trivium, Still Remains, and 3 Inches Of Blood. DAY 1 – SUNDAY 1st – DAY It’s always a bit daunting when you meet a group of people for the first time. Normally though when it comes to working with new bands, you are talking about meeting about 6 band members and two crew. Not so on Sunday in Wolverhampton! 16 band members and 4 crew!!. However, 20 introductions later, and everyone’s happy. Only 3 Inches of Blood have toured the UK before, so a trip with a selection of people from all 3 bands for smokes and booze is more of an event than you might think- “we just went to the UK version of Walmart! How cool was that?!!” All three bands took time out to meet the RR UK Street Team, and needed to be physically pulled away to get them ready for the show!! DAY 1 – SUNDAY 1st – EVENING Trivium are up first, opening the show the way they open Ascendancy – walking on to the the dulcet tones of The End of Everything and leading into the Crushing Rain. The Wolves crowd seem to know all the words and the band are overwhelmed, commenting after that “the crowd were way louder than any in the States”. Next up were Still Remains. Playing a day before the release of Of Love and Lunacy, they are the guys with the most to prove. Tight as fuck, they break into To Live and Die by Fire and its obvious from the off the guys put more energy into their show than Power Gen can ever muster, with Zach’s running head bangs being a sight to behold!! Tracks like Bliss, White Walls and The Worst Is Yet to Come sound immense live and coupled with such an amazing performance, the crowd show the guys they were glad they stick around to see the new skids on the block with a killer pit! Last up are 3 Inches of Blood. What can you say about 3 Inches? Well, I don’t think Judas Priest were this metal when I saw them last month! Cam has the single most amazing voice you can ever imagine. At points the dude goes so high I swear only dogs can hear him! Matt on drums beats the living crap out of his kit grinning like a loon and Brian on bass in quite frankly a man possessed! Axis of Evil, Destroy the Orks and Premonition of Pain are all included in the set, and raise the roof. However, the best reception is reserved for closer Deadly Sinners, and an axe being held aloft in the middle of a throbbing crowd sums up the set perfectly! Post show, vodka and JD flow, and some go hang out in a club (did you know they don’t have rock clubs in the US?) and then its off to introduce them all to kebabs before the bus leaves for Liverpool. DAY 2 – MONDAY 2nd – DAY Upon arrival in the ‘pool, we find the venue closed and as its a wee bit stormy we shelter in the porch. Brian from 3 Inches keeps is entertained customising a t shirt and using the sleeves as a dapper head band (Don’t worry there is photographic evidence of this and it will be up soon). DAY 2 – MONDAY 2nd – EVENING First up tonight are 3IOB, and tonight they own the crowd! In fact post show the guys are bought a ton of drinks in the bar by a very happy crowd! Trivium follow and again are greeted by fists thrown in unison and voices united in song, prompting Matt at one point to put down his guitar, grab the mike and share vocal responsibilities with people on the front row! Closing the show on this, their album release day are Still Remains. Still high from having people coming up to them all day to get their copies of their album signed (‘this is so awesome-people in the UK are buying our record!!!”) they throw their all into it and give yet another ass ripping performance! After the show, I am introduced to “shotgunning” beer by Cam (3IOB) whereby you puncture a hole in the bottom of the can which you wrap your laughing gear around before pulling the ring pull. Not advised unless you are able to swallow at a supremely fast rate! Whoever said Canadians were the quiet ones?! DAY 3 – TUESDAY 3rd – DAY Day three and the bands hit Manchester. Despite the drinking/partying the bands feel rested and ready to pull out their best. “It’s great over here having a tour bus and all, we’ve all got somewhere to sleep. On the states tour we were sharing driving duties, it was a real pain.” says Cam (3IOB) “The crowds over here are much more enthusiastic and supportive of the music, which is great”. The bands truly feel honored to play to such a great audience. “Although it’s early days, we’re all so happy to be here” SPECIAL THANKS On the road reporters Sami Westwood & Kirsten Lane REMEMBER Although the tickets are moving fast there are still a few available, so CLICK HERE to order your ticket online.


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