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Murderdolls Tour Diary – pt 2

Posted on February 12, 2008

FRIDAY DECEMBER 6TH LEADMILL SHEFFEILD ENGLAND PRE SHOW ACTIVITIES- Here we are in the home of Def Leppard. I expected to see all the locals w/ only one arm and mullets. However they all had their arms and there were quite a few mullets. I was still suffering from the McDonalds that I had 2 days ago, which is gonna be the death of me..sha, na, na, na..put a red rose on my grave and a 20 piece chicken Mc nugget. This was a typical day, filled with lots of press and photos followed by soundcheck and then showtime. We got dressed listening to Spread Eagle and Circus Of Power….these bands were fucking great. I always travel with my stock of obscure and forgotten cds, some of my choices for the dressing room aren’t always welcome by the band but they usually dont care. THE SHOW- We unleashed our musical battle cry (as Metal Edge says) on a slam packed, wall to wall Murderdoll army. We stormed the stage like Roxy Blue in the “Rob the Cradle” video…just kidding hahahahaha. The show was great and the kids loved it. The bootleggers are kicking our ass on T-shirts though, just about every kid has a bootleg shirt, oh well at least the are advertising us even though we dont get a dime from it. AFTERSHOW- The aftershow kicked off like an Andrew WK song, hell we could have given him inspiration for some new songs for his next album. We went out and signed things for all the kids waiting by our glorious pink bus and believe it or not some other asshole wrote on our bus again, but this time we caught him. The security confronted the guy and he attacked them so they took care of him by smacking him around for a while and then calling the cops. We hung around until 4:30 or 5:00am and called it a day…..till next time ruck a pit bridge. Wednesday


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