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Machine Head Anniversary Show Reviewed

Posted on February 12, 2008

As mentioned previously, Auguest 8th marked the 10 year anniversary of the release of the Machine Head album ‘Burn My Eyes’, and in honour the guys did a special show in Philadelphia, playing the entire album from start to end. Below is a review of the night, from the band’s official messageboard, written by ‘Shun Fist’. “This show was unbelievable, i cannot express how lucky i felt to be there as a fan of 7 years to witness something so awesome. There are so many reasons why MH are so special to so many people, maybe its that fact that unlike most of their peers of ten years past, they can still deliver the same caliber performance they did when they first entered in the heavy metal scene, or maybe it’s the honesty and sincerity the band has always had with their fans. Or probably the most obvious would have to be the great music they put out, either way “MH’s the best, that’s the point”. Their opening music was Realize, Real Eyes, Real Lies, which the band didn’t play but it came through the PA. But then they did something i’ve only heard through many upon many bootlegs. They did they ol’school desire to fire intro into Davidian, needless to say the shit hit the fan. Some people got it, some people didnt but that was okay, i guess you just had to be that kind of fan to understand. They ripped into Old, then of course into A thousand Lies which came out so awesome. None But My Own was a little off key, unfortunately one of Robbs strings wasnt tuned correctly, you might see/hear that on the dvd. Oh yeah on that note i saw about 4 or 5 people shooting the set from all angles so if you pray hard we might get that dvd we’ve all been waiting for. Back to the subject, NBMO came out great. Then one of my all time favs the Rage to Overcome, it was monstrous! McClain made the drums sound gigantic and i still can hear a whole bunch of people saying “holy shit” including myself. Following the order, Death Church was heavy beyond all hell we all know where that one went. The only time ive heard Nation on fire was when they played it during the TBR tour and they cut the heavy part out. It was really awesome to hear the full version. Blood for Blood was awesome, i should mention Phil did a lot of improvs on the solos which were definitely cool and Robb was on target with his. Im your god now was flawless and they did a few covers with Mark Hunter from Chimaira on stage including Creeping Death, Walk, Livewire and one more i think. Closed the set off with Block of course and shit you had to see all four of those dudes in a group hug on stage, very emotional for those dudes and Im so happy for those guys. Thank You Machine Head for an amazing night, you guys are amazing.”


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