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London Instore With The Murderdolls

Posted on February 12, 2008

The Youngest Fan? We just got an email from the lovely Kirsten Daniells… “I *had* to share this with you! Murderdolls “Dead in Hollywood” just came ion Kerrang TV & my 2 year old daughter just came in to me & said “Mummy – Derderdolls on a TeeVee!!” How fucking cool is *THAT*!!!!!” Cute for sure. We’re sure she takes after her mother. Thanks for the line! Q: HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN YOU FIT IN AN INSTORE? A: NOT ENOUGH. Despite the band signing at the Virgin Megastore in London for a frantic 2 hours, still more people showed up than possible to cram in. We hear people arrived to start queueing from breakfast time… and by 4pm, 2 hours before the scheduled start time, the queue stretched downstairs and upstairs in the store, and outside, and around the building! We’ve received emails since from people who travelled from as far north as Sunderland! The band managed to meet approximately 800 fans in the 2 hours, signing everything from guitars (real and miniature!), bodies, and bongs, to mutilated barbie dolls, homemade costumes, and the usual album sleeves and posters! They were only sorry they didn’t get to meet everyone who wanted to meet them. We hear from those in the know at the store that up to 2000 more people were turned away! We’ll have some photos of the instore shenanigans up here later this week. GLAMTASTICALLY YOURS Not wanting to leave the instore til they had met all those who had escaped the queue cut-off and signed things for the store staff, meant the band ended up grabbing some dinner in the car on the way to the Highbury Garage for their sold-out show that night! The usual London traffic ensured the band finally made it to their dressing room only a little before 9pm… with them taking the stage at around 9:45pm for another glamtastic show! The airless Garage was hotter than hell, the ceiling rained sweat, bodies heaved from the front to the back to the sides, and the relentless pace didn’t slow for a second as the band ripped through most of the Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls album. Joey crowdsurfed with his guitar all the way from the stage to the mixing desk and back to the stage. Several of you have emailed in about Wednesday 13 pausing to brush his teeth, and the possibility of Eric being (Motley Crue-fame) Nikki Sixx’s evil twin! The show closed with a mightily triumphant Dead In Hollywood, and with Joey giving the crowd heartfelt thanks for their support. After the show, the band were found out the back of the venue, signing autographs, and hanging out with all those who cared to join in. Eric was spotted clutching a rapidly evaporating bottle of absinthe, given to the band by a fan at the instore earlier in the day, ‘looking for trouble’! 12am came and went, 1am came and went and the fun continued… The band return in November on the Papa Roach tour and tickets are on sale now. WHAT’S INSTORE TODAY? Sept 13th.. Friday the 13th in fact. The Murderdolls are in London today, playing a sold out show at the Highbury Garage tonight. Before that, they will be making an instore appearance at the Virgin Megastore in Piccadilly Circus from 6pm. And before even that, the band have a full day of interviews and photo shoots. Who with? Keep an eye on the following media for the results of today will surely be forthcoming…. Bizarre, Skin Deep, and Big Cheese magazines… Radio 1 for the Rock Show…. XFM for the Rock Show (airing tomorrow) … and on TV, BBC Newsround. Earlier this week, the band have had 2 guests from Kerrang! magazine travelling with them for 2 days for a future ‘On The Road’ feature piece for the magazine. Not only that watch out for all the following: Magazines – Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Atom Tan, Total Guitar, Doom Alive, Designer, Big Buzz, Incite, View From The ‘Pit Radio – YWCR, BCB Bradford. RIPPED ‘N’ STRIPPED Bemused by our title? Fear not, for all will become clear. Last night, Sept 10, Murderdolls played a show in Manchester. What have we heard about it? Facts? Well, a few technical problems at the start.. but nothing too major… we won’t bore you with the details. Rumours? Here’s the scoop from an insider who shall remain nameless… “I heard one of the band climbed up the stack, dived into the audience and ended up half naked having had all his clothes ripped by the kids! Also heard there have been Motley Crue style after show shenanigans going down…” Birmingham tonight. Who knows what tales tomorrow will bring.


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