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Killswitch Engage/All That Remains/Twelve Tribes

Posted on February 12, 2008

When Twelve Tribes took the stage the atmosphere rose. The crowd were far louder and more pits were starting! They played a lot of songs off í¢ä‰åñThe Rebirth Of Tragedyí¢ä‰åŒ. A few times during their set the singer came right into the crowd and was giving the mike to fans! The best song in their set I thought was ‘Venus Complexí¢ä‰åŒ its great live! They dedicated the last song to everyone who turned up and all the bands on the tour. The half hour set was sound, I look forward to seeing them again in April! All the support bands did a good job of warming us up for the headliners, Killswitch Engage. As the chants grew louder the lights went out, and smoke appeared from each side of the stage. Then the sound of A Bid Farewell fell upon us. Soon enough the band were out on the stage. Everyone was just head banging and singing along. Adam D (guitarist) jumped right onto the barrier, with his guitar and kept playing. He was doing this right in front of me, as I was on the barrier. I’ve never seen any band do that kind of stunt before. Madness. He kept playing! And then suddenly hopped back on stage for the breakdown. They then went straight into í¢ä‰åñNumbered Daysí¢ä‰åŒ this saw Howard giving fans the mike and everyone screaming. From time to time Mike D (the bass player) was kicking Adam as a joke, it was really amusing! The atmosphere in the venue was now magic everyone was having a great time. During the set Adam was doing dance moves with his guitar, doing press up’s to songs like Life to lifeless, and blowing kisses to certain girls during Rose Of Sharyn and of course doing backing vocals. He’s some guy! Killswitch Engage have an awesome stage presence. They played about 9 or 10 songs during the 45 minute set. They played the best songs in the time they had. The set was a little like this: A Bid Farewell Numbered Days Fixation On The Darkness Rose Of Sharyn Life To Lifeless Take This Oath When Darkness Falls Breathe Life The End Of Heartache My Last Serenade In all it was an awesome night! Killswitch Engage are amazing live! Richy Muirhead We would like to thank Richy for his efforts, and great review. For more information on the becoming a streetteamer like Richy click HERE


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