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Unto Others


Posted on February 12, 2008

Every Time I Die, Twelve Tribes & A Life Once Lost have just finished ripping up the UK on the Under The Gun tour. However, between the drunken debauchery, late nights, drugs & women the bands like to flex their intellectual biceps by quizzing each other about their very existence. Probing their very being, they search for questions that have previously not been asked. In the hot seat today DREADED DEMON – Sir Adam Jackson – (Twelve Tribes – Vocals).. And who is to do the probing i hear you ask? No less than Every Time I Die’s frontman Keith Buckley LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! 1.) Hey aren’t you in Shadows Fall ANS: NO…. I don’t think so.. 2.) You’re not? ANS: Pretty sure. 3.) Are you sure? ANS: No, I am. I fill in for Brian when his Dreds hurt. 4.) Have you ever seen Shadows Fall? ANS: Yeah, I look like that guy right? 5.) They’re cool right? ANS: Not really.. No .. Yeah they are. 6.) What’s your favorite Shads song? ANS: The one where he swings his Dreds around. 7.) Can you call my friend who couldn’t make tthe show tonight and tell thaam they suck? ANS: Sure! 8.) Were you ever in Shadows Fall? ANS: I wish 9.) Sorry I couldn’t hear you. Can you repeat that? ANS: I WISH DUDE they’re sooo sweet. 10.) Ever get a wedgie? ANS: Only when i’m singing for Shadows Fall. REMEMBER Every Time I Die – Gutter Phenomenon – OUT 22nd AUG


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