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Ill Nino Random Information.. Because.

Posted on February 12, 2008

Date: 20/6/02 Time: 11:32am Just checked out the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine. Pick up a copy and turn to page 45 for an awesome article about the ‘Celebrity Sleepover’ with Cristian which we reported previously! (Nice features on Soulfly, and Jerry Cantrell too may we say) Date: 18/6/02 Time: 10:18am Touring Recap: If you look at Ill Nino’s past touring schedule, you can safely say they haven’t had any real time off since, ummm, perhaps since before they went to Japan back in February. This past Saturday (June 15), the band returned home from a European tour which started way back on April 29th. “Fuckin’ awesome over there, they treated us great,” enthuses Ill Nino vocalist Cristian. When asked about the biggest difference between the U.S. and Europe, Cristian quickly replies, “Communication. You lose communication (with those back in the U.S.)”. Immediate plans have the band playing three consecutive shows in the northeast US starting on the 19th. Then it’s two weeks at home before starting Ozzfest 2002 on July 6th. Hectic shit. Tells Cristian, “Hectic shit, I haven’t been home for the past four months. But you know, I’ll probably be here for four days and get sick of it (not being on the road).” Three Tour Notes From Europe: 1) Rock Am Ring Festival – Germany – May 18, 2002. Word has it Ill Nino broke the record for most people watching a band on the side stage at Rock Am Ring, ever. Over 9,000 people. 2) Rock Im Park – Germany – May 19, 2002. Played on the side stage, again. And again, Ill Nino broke the record for most people watching an act on the side stage. This time, over 8,000 people. (by the way, these ‘facts’ come via the festival promoters, not our German dreams) 3) Ozzfest UK – Donnington – May 25, 2002. Guess what? Yep, broke the record for second stage once again…and this time whilst Tool was playing on the main stage. Over 7,000 watching, with another 3,000 trying to get in…in fact, security was telling the band to stop playing so they could get some control. Ill Nino, they kept right on with the show. “We just kept playing, we didn’t give a fuck,” tells Cristian. Third time’s a charm…Next night of the Ozzfest tour in Ireland, Ill Nino was bumped to the main stage, playing directly prior to Slayer. “Absolute chaos. That was the peak of our European tour.” Did you know? The song ‘Fallen’ (included on the recent What Comes Around single) was previously out on Ill Nino’s pre-Roadrunner CD… but if you’re lucky enough to have heard that CD, you’ll note the song sounds very different. That’s because the band completely re-recorded it during the Revolution Revolucion sessions.


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