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Unto Others


Posted on February 12, 2008

A couple of select quotes from a recent interview with Metalrage.com. Metalrage.com: There’s been this quote going around that Max Cavalera has labelled the new album “a calm and peaceful album.” Explain to me what a calm Soulfly album sounds like. Marc Rizzo: “You know what?! There’s no way that could be true. Because this record, is the heaviest SOULFLY record so far. It’s a mix of SOULFLY, and old-style SEPULTURA that Max was doing back on ‘Arise’ and ‘Beneath the Remains’. It’s almost like a thrash record, you know. The real SOULFLY elements are still there, but there’s a lot of new songs that are fast-paced, a lot of guitar solos, it’s got fast thrash-type rhythms. So I’m pretty sure he didn’t say that. Maybe lyrically, but musically it’s fucking heavy. It’s the best SOULFLY record yet. It’s got everything I like in heavy music. A lot of awesome drumming, a lot of double-bass. Lots of fast tempos, Max’s vocals are really heavy. I think it’s awesome, it’s right where ‘Prophecy’ left off, with a step further to the heavier side. Totally. It’s a brutal record, people are going to be shocked when they hear it.” Metalrage.com: SOULFLY is not unfamiliar to the word “experimenting,” even soul and traditional Brazilian influences have been put into the records. With all the heavy stuff going on this new record, is there still room for that sort of stuff? Marc Rizzo: “Yeah, there’s a lot of cool jams on it too, but overall it is the most relentless SOULFLY record. It’s all ‘Boom,’ in your face! One after another of just slamming heavy fucking songs that kick your ass, man. There is a couple of jams on it, but it is not as ‘jammy’ as the earlier records. This record is more song-orientated.” Read Marc Rizzo’s entire interview with Metalrage.com


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