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Did You Know… Anyone

Posted on February 12, 2008

For the past few nights, Anyone’s frontman Riz Story has been jamming at Janes Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins’ house. Why? Riz will be doing the guitar duties for a show this Friday 25 Jan at Anaheim’s House Of Blues in California. The band which Riz is filling in for happens to be a new project of Tilo (formerly of Methods Of Mayhem). For this one night affair, the band will be playing directly prior to the main draw (hed)pe. Riz, who will be playing guitar, will be accompanied by Stephen Perkins on drums, Disturbed’s Fuzz on bass, and Tilo on vocal duties. Bet you wish you lived in California. We do. Did you know the band independently released a live show of theirs called LIVE ACID – A Live Recording of the band from the ACID PARTY “TogethermenT”, held at an undisclosed warehouse in Costa Mesa, California? It’s true. As for where to get it? I can only suggest trying ebay or gemm.com. Hey, what is not widely known is that they also put out another release (also independently). It’s called “Rats Live On No Evil Star”. It actually has some very cool shit on it. Again, hard to find. It’s True! Actually, a couple tracks on it were re-recorded for their Roadrunner debut which is out now (go buy it if you haven’t got it). Interesting fact – “Rats Live On No Evil Star” is spelled the same forward AND backward. It’s true! Metal Hammer has engaged vocalist Riz Story for a 6 month run of his own celebrity column called “Through The Keyhole With Riz Story”. Each piece will be a four page feature, most likely starting with the March issue. Basically, this is a feature wherein Metal Hammer takes Riz to the homes of other rock celebs for a visit. Pics and words from the visit go in the mag – and you may well see some of the video Riz shoots up here on this site. Content for three of the upcoming features was done earlier this week – with LIT, (hed)pe, and of course, Anyone. Next Wednesday it’s off to Beverly Hills to pay Ozzy himself a visit. Epic. Though the remaining bands for this feature are not yet in stone, Metallica, Korn, and System Of A Down have all been mentioned as possibilities to be paid visits next week before Anyone heads out on their first trek of the US. Also Bizarre magazine, recently had a contest wherein the question had to do with Riz Story’s producing of an upcoming Vivid Video release, Temple Of Gomorrah. (we trust you are all educated enough to know what Vivid Video is all about) Did You Know? Anyone makes an appearance in this upcoming Vivid Video release, jamming out to an original score they wrote for the movie during its climactic scene – an orgy, nonetheless. It’s true. “The band have been gearing up for the AMERICAN release of the album. The band plans to stage an elaborate production including a MAXIMUM ACID light show that is set to stun the audience. A tour of the states is set for February. Riz Story is busy assembling “LIVE ACID” the videos. . . a video collection of Live videos taken from the film “TOGETHERMENT”. The video will also include rarities like the bands first ever video and rare interviews. Also production on Riz Story’s first feature film “GOLOKA” continues in his own Togetherment studios (located at his home “The ANYONE DEN”). A major film co. has expressed interest in producing the film on a large scale for worldwide theatrical release. What began as an independent film may turn into a 10 million dollar major production! And as always new sounds continue to emerge from the trio. The new material is said to be Very MAXIMUM ACID indeed . . . Heavier and more hallucinogenic than ever !!!!” Yes, that was indeed an update straight from the man himself, Riz Story. Watch this space for more info…


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