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Posted on February 12, 2008

Robert Flynn from deepest warmest Lincolnshire, where he's currently holed up mixing the new Machine Head album...

Hey Fuckers
What up from Merry old "warm" (?) England. I brought the Cali weather with me.
I write to you from the thriving metropolis that is Lincolnshire, England.... population "10"!! It's actually a "village"....... There's some really cool stuff around, once you get past the fact that there's nothing around.

It's beautiful. The English countryside is as cool as you've read about in books. Very lush and green, with brick cottages everywhere. Mist covers the hillsides in the morning, sleepy brooks wind through the village, and rabbits run wild, I feel like I'm in a Led Zeppelin song or something. Old buildings are all over the place, and when I say old, I mean O-L-D. The building next to me is from the 1300's!! For my California ass, that's hella fuckin' pre-California times.

Mixing is going fucking splendid. Got "Bite The Bullet" under our belts, working on "In The Presence Of My Enemies". Colin is the fuckin man!! Sonically it's..... well..... I'm not gonna say it sounds like this album, or that album...... I will say this, the main CD we are referencing during the process is our first album.
But it's not gonna be that!!!
It's funny though, we've had a couple of full circle moments.
Experimentation is cool, necessary even, but we ain't tryin' to experiment.
Colin's basically said "With what's on tape (hard drive?), there's only one place the sound can go".....

Song titles are completed, the following is not the final track list order, but are the song titles themselves.

Through The Ashes Of Empires:

Bite The Bullet
Left Unfinished
In The Presence Of My Enemies
Days Turn Blue To Gray
All Falls Down
Wipe The Tears
Descend The Shades Of Night

European tour dates will be up by Thursday. UK dates are locked in and will be up later today, and we are hella fuckin stoked about em'.

AND, they sell Sam Adams Boston Lager at the Grocery Store 10 miles away.... WOO-HOO!!!!!

- Flynn

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