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Music To Die For

Posted on February 12, 2008

In keeping with the dark and foreboding feel of the movie, the 'SAW' soundtrack delivers some of the most spine-chilling music around, featuring some of the Industrial scene's leading luminaries as well as a clutch of up'n'coming new-age Metallers.

1.Chimaira 'Eyes Of A Criminal'
2.Charlie Clouser 'Hello, Adam'
3.Fear Factory 'Bite The Hand That Bleeds'
4.Charlie Clouser 'Last I Heard'
5.Enemy 'Action'
6.Charlie Clouser 'Reverse Beartrap'
7.Pitbull Daycare 'You Make Me Feel So
8.Charlie Clouser 'X Marks The Spot'
9.Psycho Pomps 'Wonderful World'
10.Charlie Clouser 'Cigarette'
11.Caliban 'The Beloved And The Hatred'
12.Charlie Clouser 'We're Out Of Time'
13.Charlie Clouser 'F**k This Shit'
14.Illdisposed 'Dark'
15.Charlie Clouser 'Hellp Zepp'
16.Charlie Clouser 'Zepp Overture'

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