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Hello Japan

Posted on February 12, 2008

Well, Killswitch Engage made it safe and sound to Tokyo, Japan - their first trip there to play their first Japan show (Makuhari Messe Event Hall on Dec 15th).

From Mike D (KsE bass) to Mike G (KsE A&R Rep), a bit of IM from earlier in the day:

Mike D: Tokyo could be the coolest place on earth...we are over joyed to be here...although Godzilla has not made an appearance.

Mike G: Shogun Warriors or Science Ninjas?

Mike D: yeah I got GENDIZER here...force five psyched

Mike G: what else have you guys picked up?

Mike D: shogun warriors

Mike G: so the first day or so is toy shopping?

Mike D: just some present for peeps..nothing as great as that...second day

Mike G: cool. how have the Japanese kids been so far?

Mike D: very...shaking when they meet us

Mike G: that must be weird...

Mike D: totally, but we love it

You can check out a photo taken by Mike D at the Beast Feast in Japan in the KsE PHOTO GALLERY, as well as a few photos from their Irving Plaza, New York, Xmas Ball show on Dec 9th. Enjoy.

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